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The candidates for the official car of the year in Finland have been revealed. There are 30 candidates which are competing for the honor of being chosen Finland's car of the year 2019. No, not a typo. The vote is for car of the year 2019. I don't understand it either.

The winner for Finland's car of the year-title is chosen by Finnish car and traffic journalists. They test drive and asses each of the 30 cars. Then the journalists choose six finalists, which are published 1st of November. The winner is then voted for the 9th of November in the Auto 2018 trade show by the motoring journalists.

Here above are the candidates for Finland's car of the year. The car of the year is chosen based on many factors but the emphasis this year is heavily on value for money, improved safety and advanced technology. The other grounds for choosing the car of the year is up to the journalists. The choice is therefore likely based on the three aforementioned factors.

Now that we know what the grounds for choosing Finland's car of the year is, I will try and predict the six finalists and the order in which they will place in the final voting.

6. Ford Focus

The reason why the Focus will make it into the final is because of its long lasting popularity through the years. It has been reinvented to this latest generation while staying true to itself. New updated styling, equipment and most importantly it is still one of the best family cars to drive. Even though it is a bit main stream it is still more interesting than the VW Golf. I think the Focus will make it to the finals also because two years ago the car of the year in Finland was the Opel Astra.

Ford Focus ST-Line doing some cornering

5. Audi A6

The only executive car that will make it into the final. It has been praised the world over for its advanced technology, great quality and modern styling. It is packed with all sorts of safety equipment and many different engine choices. That will push it to the final. Nothing else to say here. A solid new A6 from Audi.

The dignified Audi A6 50 TDI Sedan

4. Nissan Leaf

The final needs a car which runs on alternative fuel and because the Jaguar I-Pace is too expensive the Leaf is the choice of the sensible and hard-working journalists. The journalists will be impressed by the Leaf's new e-brake and other world saving technology. It is also the electric car of choice here in Finland. And now that it is updated it will finally make it to the finals, but not win.

Nissan Leaf in a very ecological press photo

3. Skoda Karoq

The small affordable SUV has been a sales success all over Europe. It is great value for money, which is of great importance this year. It might even win this year but because the Karoq is not all that unique it will only come third. It is a wonderful choice if you want a small SUV on a budget which is highly versatile.

Skoda Karoq Sportline kicking up some dust.

2. Mercedes A-class

This was a difficult choice. I really think it might even win just for one simple reason, it is built in Finland. Okay, that will not be the only reason but it does factor in to the patriotic minds of the journalists. The new A-class is a small car filled with big car technology. The highly advanced cockpit and the many different safety features will rocket this car into the podium places. The aggressive "predator face" styling is also something very different from the other cars in the segment.

Mercedes-Benz A180d in Mountain Grey

1. Volvo XC40

And the winner is the magnificent Volvo XC40. I have to admit this winner prediction is done a bit with my gut feeling but it's also backed up by some facts. Volvo has done really well the last three years in the car of the year competition. The XC90 was second in 2015, the V90 won the 2016 vote and last year the XC60 was in the final. Even though I am sometimes disgusted by small SUV's, I adore the XC40. A very different and quirky looking car which has wonderful minimalist interior. The build quality is excellent and with modern economical engines it is great value for money. This combined with Volvo's famous attitude to developing state of the art safety technology it is a sure winner.

Volvo XC40 D4 Momentum in Amazon Blue

Which cars do you predict will go through to the finals? What car would you choose to be the car of the year in your country?

ps. I will look like a mighty fool if none of my picks are correct.

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