When I first started my car photography journey I have to admit that I didn’t know how to approach it with the limited resources that was available back then. I have dedicated my time to learn it the hard way and I've been sharing the knowledge along the way with the community.

Over a year ago, I published a basic free course on Udemy that attracted 8000 students from around the globe, ever since then I became better in both photography & photoshop and so I decided to create and publish two new courses to help new photographers understand my approach to car photography & post processing.

Labeled HOT & NEW by Udemy, my videos are claiming the hearts of my car photography students, here is a short video explaining what I am offering in both courses:


Here are few reviews by my awesome students:

A very well explained thorough tutorial. Moe explained all the tools and techniques precisely and provided all the necessary assets to follow along.

I don't think you will ever find a more comprehensive course and if you do I want to know about it because this was fantastic .

Very good course, I went in thinking my photos were good but this has really given me a level up big time.

Love Moe's content and teaching Ability and enthusiasm. I would recommend all car photographers to learn from Moe

You can now get both courses at $9.99 each, an opportunity like this won't be available again for a long while!

Have a look yourself

Porsche Macan S edit https://www.udemy.com/car-photography-photoshop-video-course/?couponCode=MOENYEAR19

Jaguar BIC Edit www.udemy.com/lightroom-photoshop-car-photography/?couponCode=MOEZAINAL19

I hope that you will leave your mark this New Year!

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