What’s a reliable car?

Which brands are the most reliable? If you thought, briefly, about that question and answered 'Nissan' or ‘Toyota’ then, to be fair, I probably wouldn’t argue with you. If you also or separately answered ‘anything German’ then we wouldn’t have too disagree to much with that, although there are certainly some exceptions.

The fifth most reliable car brand in the world is actually Alfa Romeo.

I'll give you a moment for you to compose yourself. According to the highly respected UK-based Magazine What Car? Alfa is indeed the fifth-best rated brand for reliability.

The survey of brands for 2017 was carried out by What Car? to some pretty stringent standards. Some 14,000 owners were polled about their cars, ranging in age from brand new to three years old, and asked if they’d had any faults or issues with those cars, ranging from small issues to large, cheap to expensive, those covered by warranty and those not.

Cars were then given a score of 100 per cent, with points deducted according to the severity and expense of any problems that occurred. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Japanese car makers did dominate the list somewhat. Lexus was the best brand overall, with a score of 92.1 per cent, closely followed by Mitsubishi with 90.8 per cent, Toyota with 89.6 per cent, and Suzuki with 86.6 per cent. No surprises there, really — all four brands have exceptional reputations for reliability.

Alfa came fifth, with 85.8 per cent. To put that in perspective, that means that Alfa Romeo beat out the highly-regarded likes of Honda, Hyundai, Subaru, Kia, Audi, Skoda and more to take what must surely be seen as a shock result for the Italian manufacturer. Three years ago, Motorcheck polled dealers nationwide and found that a proper, fully-stamped up service history could be worth as much as €1,500 on the second hand value of your car, depending on make, model, and age. Even aside from that financial incentive, it’s a simple truth that the more regularly a car has been serviced, and the higher the standard of the car it has received, the more likely it is to run without major fault, and the easier it will be to sell on.

Have a look below and see where your favorite car brand made it onto the list or not!

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