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4y ago
- Owned by @huratron1 on instagram. Cool guy that drives all over the U.S.

Spotting is all about seeing a car in the wild. Cars have to drive to and from shows which means that a real person is using that car on the streets!

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  • Thanks Ian! I can't believe we're actually here! It seems too good to be true. For right now I'm trying to run it just like the old tribe but this platform is so different there's definitely gonna have to be some figuring out. They're still tweeking it and adding different features for the full launch so I think once it goes full public we'll have to do an evaluation and lay down some bylaws for the place. (PS. those pic you posted were SICK!)

      4 years ago
  • SOOOOO stoked to see you back Mark. Miss the old tribe but I have been collecting pics like a mad man. Nice Huracan. Do we have unofficial rules for the Tribe? I remember we talked about a lot of stuff but that was like a year ago.

      4 years ago
  • Not sure why my header is in all caps. Not trying to be a cliche YouTuber and caps everything for views, lol!

      4 years ago