Car Thieves Steal Lexus In Seconds

      That's not good...

      18w ago


      Your car being stolen is a big problem, especially when it only took a few seconds to steal. Some thieves in Toronto managed just that.

      Recently, a string of robberies involving new cars equipped with a keyless FOB feature in east Toronto. One of these thefts were caught on camera and showed someone holding a sensor attached to a computer in his backpack called a frequency amplifier. This device increases the range of the FOB and then boosts the frequency to a second person's phone. This tricks the car into thinking the phone is the FOB and allows the thieves to drive off.


      Toronto Police said that to prevent these types of thefts, people should park their cars in a garage and put their FOB in a signal blocking case or keep them away from their front door if they can.

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      • Hmm,

          4 months ago
      • That’s another reason I buy older cars.

          4 months ago
      • Common problem all over the world. Best to keep your key in an RFID pouch which blocks the signals. You can deactivate the feature in the cars if you don’t have the ability to garage the car.

          4 months ago
      • Keep your keys in a rfid pouch or wrap them in foil

          4 months ago
      • The Lexus LX is a hot vehicle for theft in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I heard one got tracked in a container at Montreal’s port.

          4 months ago


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