2y ago


Nissan India has used a GT-R to draw a giant, record-breaking map of the country in celebration of the Republic's 68th year.

Measuring 3km across, and with a total length of 14.7km the map was carved into the dusty surface of the Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan. Apart from having enough space to drift the doodle, the location was chosen because its soil was soft enough to create marks deep enough for the video-equipped drones to captures.

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One wrong turn could have ended up with Nissan Motor India inadvertently annexing Pakistan as well, causing a major diplomatic incident, so rally driver Rahul Kanthraj used a GPS device to help keep him on track.

The feat is awaiting ratification, but should make it into the next edition of the Limca Book of Records, a non-alcoholic version of Europe’s Guinness book.

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