Car Trek 2 continues the Top Gear legacy with personality and "amazing" cars

Three car YouTubers show us that the spirit of Top Gear will never die

Following the success of the first season of Car Trek, Tyler Hoover, Ed Bolian and Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez have blessed us with Car Trek Season 2! In the same vein as the first season, Season 2 is filled to the brim with broken exotic cars, high repair bills and tons of fun all around. Lucky for us and you, we got an exclusive early look at the first episode of the season!

As for the cars, they look much better than they run but that is to be expected. Freddy went full race mode and spent $9,000 on a 2003 Maserati CoupΓ© done up to look like a Trofeo, which was the racing version of the CoupΓ©. Ed seems to have absorbed Freddy's love for Aston Martins and spent a wallet-scorching $29,000 to bring a 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish to the table. The fun part about his Vanquish is that it spent some rather questionable time in Colombia but hey, there's no evidence anything drug-related happened to it so it's all good right? Last, and certainly not least considering the condition of his car, is Tyler with a $13,000 2006 Mercedes CL65 AMG. Much like Freddy, Tyler also decided to pay tribute to a race car. He decided to cover the car in a bright red wrap of dubious quality in order to make it look like the "Red Pig", AMG's first ever race car.

The three then took their aging and hurting supercars to a mystery mechanic to see how much money it would take to get them running well again. Here, we're greeted to a very welcome cameo! The mystery mechanic is actually Tyler's very own David Long a.k.a "Car Wizard". He is the very patient and talented mechanic (with a wonderful beard might I add) who takes care of Tyler's ever-growing fleet of hoopties. After an in-depth look at the underside of the once glorious supercars, the Car Wizard floored the gang's enthusiasm with some pretty sizeable repair bill numbers.

Tyler was the "winner" here, with a repair bill of only $2,000. Not bad Tyler, your years of experience as a car salesman seem to have paid off. Ed's suspension and failing oxygen sensor meant that his bill was a more painful $4,800. This is especially accentuated when you consider the $29,000 purchase price. Ouch. Lastly, Freddy's race car had a $11,500 bill which was more than he spent on the car and almost as much as Tyler bought his car for. We're crying with you too Freddy.

What these three have brought to YouTube is really special. It feels like an honest, down-to-earth series that lives up to its reputation as a Top Gear tribute. Taking half-broken exotic cars to their limits in a series of challenges meant for much more functional cars is every car guy's dream. The production value is top notch, the hosts are well-known, charming figures with great chemistry and the whole thing just fills the "car shaped hole" that the automotive world has had since old Top Gear was taken away from us. The whole show feels candid because we know that these guys aren't some Hollywood millionaires acting like they're car guys like us. They made it big on YouTube on their own and are taking their time and money to bring us something great.

A big thank you to Tyler, Ed and Freddy for making a season 2 for all of us gearheads and we're looking forward to the confirmed season 3 coming this Christmas!

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