Car Trek season 4 asks a question no one ever has before

Can you really buy a Ferrari for Toyota Camry money? Wellllllllll, sort of.

36w ago

If you've been living under a rock the last year, Car Trek is a show made by 3 popular YouTubers, (Tavarish, Ed Bolian of VinWiki, and Tyler Hoover) in the Top Gear style, where Auto Tempest gives them challenges to do with old, funky, questionable functioning cars.

In the past these guys have bought 3 cheap exotics, crazy depreciated super cars, and extremely unreliable luxury bargains. However, this might be the most crazy challenge yet. For season 4, these three amigos have bought cheap Ferraris for the price of a new Toyota Camry.

Now, the average price of a new car has ballooned to over $40,000 in 2020 and as of this writing Ford has said that they're US domestic average has gone up to a staggering $43,500. That money can buy you a SERIOUSLY good car and of course a fully loaded, or close to one, Toyota Camry.

In steps Auto Tempest with easily the most difficult challenge to these guys yet: buy a Ferrari, one of the most recognized name brands in the entire world even outside of the automotive realm, for around forty-grand. Are these Ferrari's any good? Most likely not, but they wouldn't be making this series if it wasn't possible or even attainable. And of course you may be surprised by the answer to the aforementioned question of if this is even possible.

Personally, I'm excited about this season for a few reasons. Mostly because my father used to own a 308 when I was a kid. This was back when a lower-tier Ferrari could be had for pennies on today's dollar. It was the '90s and Ferraris, along with many other aging exotics, were declining in price. Coincidentally, my dad's silver 308 was around $42,000 then.

'By the time he sold it the car market, especially the Ferrari market, took a HARD nosedive and he sold it for half the cost. I loved that car so much and have fond memories of my dad and I going to a local pond where we "fish" (I was like 8 and had a plastic fishing pole that did nothing) and just enjoy the day. It was awesome and the 308 was the perfect car for those winding New Jersey back roads. Seeing that Tavarish bought one peaked my interest immediately.

But my excitement doesn't end there. I personally know Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez and consider him a good friend of mine. I've also met Ed Bolian and have kept in touch with him after doing a few VinWiki videos a couple of years ago. I haven't yet met Tyler Hoover, but from what I've heard from literally everyone who has met him he's one of the most genuine and nicest people in the business.

I'm not saying this as a humble brag of, "I know two huge YouTubers and have connections to a third, RESPECT ME." Not at all. I say this because of how much work and effort these 3 put into their channels, their work, and their passion for what we all love: cars and adventures. What they've done is truly amazing. They've taken a format that we all know and brought it back to it's roots of 3 friends buying cars and just having a blast with them.

This time it happens to be budget Ferraris. This time it's probably the most bonkers version of Car Trek they've done yet. This time, for me, there's a personal and emotional connection to one of the cars in the show. And that's sort of the point of Car Trek. They hope you make a connection with the cars and stick around for them as presenters and for their personalities. And you should because they're just genuinely entertaining and great guys.

So watch this season along with me. I can't wait to see how this one pans out.

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  • These guys are the closest thing to old Top Gear that we're going to get...

    Until the Scottish GT special comes out.

      8 months ago
  • Very nice work from these guys... but why doesn’t Car Trek have its own YouTube channel and why Tavarish’s account ?

      8 months ago