- only suzuki, audience eloped

Car trouble song II

1y ago


Hello hatchback my old friend

I´ve come to ride with you again

But first the fuel gauge is pleading

For a petrol station feeding

And the tyres of my car look slightly wrecked

They need their pressure to be checked

Before I break the silence


Out of the yard I drive my car

next petrol station can´t be far

but then a gurgle and a mutter

and the engine starts to stutter

The hard shoulder marks my journey´s early end

I won´t go round another bend

I just stand here in silence


And in the dawning light I see

Many drivers wave at me

Passing by and overtaking

no one stopping here or braking

And I try to start my car and leave this place

But intstead of gaining pace

I get the sound of silence


From the back I get the can

I lock the car, set off and then

´long half the way it started raining

while I was heavily complaining

I return with a few gallons for my car

I turn the key and there they are

the sounds of.....


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