CarJacked & Kidnapped!! [While Reviewing Audi RS6]

11w ago

Video bombed and then things escalated rapidly. CarJacked & Kidnapped while trying to review the Audi RS6! Professional that I am, I still managed to fully review it though, despite the duress. Watch this special review now.

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Comments (6)

  • BRILLIANT! And quite funny. Gave me a good chuckle first thing. Bravo!!!!!

      2 months ago
  • My favourite car.

    All the fancy supercars and hypercars are just dreams.

    This is affordable (ish) and a superbly comfortable, fast, stylish and practical car. I had one back in 2002/3/4 and I wish I’d kept it.

    Absolutely awesome.

    This new model looks great, nice changes to the body and the interior looks lovely.

    Now, where’s my wallet lol

      2 months ago