- Day 3 Start. Photo: Angelica Fuentes Garcia

Carrera Panamericana - Day 3

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So how are Angelica and Gabriel getting on after yesterday's gearbox issues? Despite their gearbox issues they finished day 2 in 5th place with 1 minute 14.4 seconds separating them from the race leader at the start of Day 3. The team engineers fitted a new gearbox last night and they were flying today; the win is well within their reach!

At the Chapa de Mota service point. This was the point in the day where they briefly jumped into 1st place. All photos: Angelica Fuentes Garcia

Day 3 saw racers complete 8 timed stages. Our friends put in fantastic times all day, even jumping into 1st place overall halfway through the day. By the end of the day they had slipped back to 4th but with only 37 seconds separating them from the leader. Interestingly the top 4 cars are all Studebaker Champions. I'm not terribly familiar with Studebaker's; when Angie showed me the car she would be racing in I honestly thought it looked a bit of a barge compared to the small, nibble Porsches in the field. Clearly these cars deserve a closer look, or perhaps it's more to do with the experienced, local Mexican, teams in the Studebakers? Angie and Gabriel drove the entire route in the week before the event, to check their road book and make extra pace notes. That's the kind of preparation that wins races!

Angie and Gabriel, Day 3 - Mexico City to Querétaro Official press photo: #panamericanapormexico

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