- Photo: Angelica Fuentes Garcia

Carrera Panamericana Day 6

3w ago


Angie and Gabriel entered this race among the favourites. They have both won the Carrera Panamericana in previous years and, working as a team, looked like serious contenders for a podium finish, if not the win.

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Fate has been a cruel mistress, first with the gearbox issue, then with the oil leak and now another oil line rupture. The problems started on the 3rd timed section of the day; with 2 more stages left to complete hopes of victory are fading.

Start positions for the final day of racing are yet to be published but it doesn't look great for our team who's mechanical failure will have pushed them down the leader board. The team mechanics are with them now and the car will be ready for tomorrow. Like true sportsmen they will continue racing to the end, indeed they are excited to run the challenging El Espinazo del Diablo timed stage. More from the final days racing tomorrow!

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Video: Angelica Fuentes Garcia

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  • What car is that? It looks alright, hidden as it is by stickers.

    25 days ago