Carrera Panamericana Stage 3

Mexico City to Morelia with team 122 who were front page news today!

1y ago

Day 3 saw the teams racing 457km from Mexico City, across the state of Michoacán, to Morelia. 1950's Studebaker Champions still dominate the podium on the Carrera Panamericana, with just seconds separating the three front runners.

The stages they drove today included a series of switchbacks known as the Corkscrew and a forest road with some extreme cambers making for some interesting bends! I'm pleased to say our friends are still having a great, clear run on all stages and with less than a minute separating the top 3 cars the race is very much on! Following these updates you'd be forgiven for thinking only Studebakers were racing this year, they are certainly dominating but you will find a Porsche 911 hot on their heels in 4th place, along with a host of classic rally cars and a few modern entries too.

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