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Cars and Coffee OC

Love it or hate it the term Cars and Coffee (C&C) is one that has grown substantially over the years. We are so fortunate to have many great C&Cs to choose from in OC.

I didn’t used to like these events. Cars and Coffee Ppfff – not a coffee drinker and car events are meant to be under the sun not start before sunrise and end after just an hour or two. A younger me would say that’s just ridicules.

Times change and maybe I have changed as well. Life gets busier and seems there is always more to do and less time to do it in. About six months ago after owning my 964 for over a year I started going to C&C at Seventeenth Street and the 55 in Tustin. The gathering had become known to me through a friend at work. I think I’m fortunate here that “my” regular C&C is primarily a Porsche gathering of a tight knit group. This not a PCA event or sponsored by any dealer or anything with an unsavory motive. These people just like early 911s

Thomas LeClair: Shot on Iphone 6S: Owner Bruce Brown

The first time was a great experience and warm reception from very welcoming crowd of largely air-cooled Porschephiles. Week after week new friendships are established and nurtured and now I’m a regular.

In June of 2016 my dream car, a Porsche 964, became a reality for me. My wife and I flew to Denver and drove the car 1000 miles home to SoCal. After getting home with my new pride and joy I went to Ortega Highway, drove the coast and occasionally took the car to work. After my office moved and my commute was extended to include a long stretch up I405 I did not drive the car so much. The worry that the morning commute could be the death of car through some misfortune such as in attentive driver put me off driving the 911 to work regularly. After a year of owning the car it had accumulated just about 2500 miles and 1000 miles were coming home with the car after buying it.

Thomas LeClair

Now C&C is the highlight of my week. After a week of the grind Saturday morning C&C is something to look forward to. The fact it starts and ends early is a blessing. Sometimes I go and come back home before my wife is up and ready to start the day. It is also always a possibility that C&C leads to another car activity for the day. Yesterday I attended two different C&Cs then went for an adhoc drive with a group of friends all in our Porsches. Day turned in to night and we’re still talking cars twelve hours after we started.

Shortly after becoming a regular at “my” C&C it struck me what I really had always be so captivated by in the Porsche community. The People. We’re not all driving late model RSs and GT3s. We all have the car we like be it the one we dreamed having for years before attaining it or a replica of a car we loved many years ago but regretfully let go of. We all have a passion for the brand fueled by our experiences with each other. I realize it was the people that make this brand and these are the people I understand and who understand me. I’m driving my car regularly and visiting with friends regularly all because of this thing called cars and coffee.

Already there are many great reasons to get up and go to C&C next Saturday and I haven’t even dropped any names of the people or the cars who can be found there. Let’s just say some are more rare than others and all are high quality.

Thomas LeClair: Shot on Iphone 6S