Cars and Costco: 1:18 Ferrari LaFerrari by Maisto

Y​ou'd think a $2.2M hypercar would have a better name

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I​f I was making a list of my favorite things to do, going to Costco wouldn't be on the top of the list. Or on the list, for that matter. Walking around in a freezing cold warehouse pushing an overloaded shopping with bad wheels pulling it constantly to the left just isn't something I'd want to do. And, considering that we are in the middle of a public health crisis that eliminated Costco's free food samples, the experience becomes even less enjoyable. However, there one thing that sweetened the deal enough for me to get in the car with my parents and make the trip.

Diecast cars. Yup, you can put a few 1:18's in your overflowing cart right next to the box containing 1,000 Oreo cookies. But first you have to find them. As many of the 1:18 scale collectors on Live And Let Diecast know Costco sells diecast cars - apparently they've been doing it for ages now. But I have never seen them at either the Costco in San Jose where I used to live or the Costco we know go to in Santa Cruz. So, when my Dad asked me to I tag along with my him and my Mom, I thought I would make it my mission to see if there was actually if Costco had a diecast has 𝘪𝘯 𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘦 for me, no pun intended. After entering the massive warehouse store, we asked a salesperson to direct us to the diecast section. We got a confused look and directions to "somewhere in the middle of the store." Great. We searched somewhere in the middle of the store and even after navigating through the Christmas decorations and Halloween costumes, we still couldn't find the diecasts. Even better.

Coming into Costco, I had set my expectations low, not expecting to find any appealing diecast cars and that was on the assumption I actually found the cars in the store. We were there for awhile but no diecast cars were found, In the last five minutes when we were getting ready to get in the check out line, we still couldn't find them. R​ight when I was losing the last wee bit of hope I had, we found it - the promised Costco diecast car display. What I saw can only be described as truly astounding: there was a large display of 1:18 Maisto cars. While Maisto models aren't exactly the collector's wet dream, I certainly liked what I saw especially after walking around Costco for an hour. Between my excitement and that my father's desire to leave Costco sooner rather than later, I didn't take a picture of the diecast display, so here is one from Reddit posted in r/HotWheels that can sum up it up. This picture is good but the display I saw was bigger than this one.

I​n this photo there are more exotics than what I saw, but nevertheless I was happy

I​n this photo there are more exotics than what I saw, but nevertheless I was happy

Costco had several diecast models including the 2020 Shelby GT500s, C8 Corvettes, Pontiac GTOs, Datsun 240Zs, LaFerraris, Viper GT2s and more. Me being me, I had a problem choosing which one to get. My Father stepped in and kindly allowed me to get three, because a) he is a great Dad and b) they were only $15 a pop a price we've never seen for a new diecast and usually what we pay at the flea market for used models. Even Camilo Restrepo, a diecast collector and photographer here at DriveTribe, pulled the trigger on a Bburago Aventador at Costco because the price was unbeatable. Once we got home, and when I was done thanking my Dad and Mom, I knew I had to take photos of at least one of the models. So, I chose my favorite of the bunch: the LaFerrari coupé.

F​irst impressions

R​ight after unboxing this model I instantaneously noticed that the LaFerrari was of superior quality and detail. Because it was an officially licensed Ferrari product, the detail and material quality were far beyond my other Maisto models. The attention to detail such as the carbon fibre throughout the exterior and interior satisfied my needs for a model at this level. The Ferrari badging was truly a sight to behold, and there were no shortages of them. Everything - doors, compartments, etc., - opened, as Maisto's models should. Everything I was looking for including the carbon fibre center console, carbon fibre paddle shifters, and even small details like the rear F1-style fog light, were included. My initial impression of this model made me think that maybe Maisto should partner with Ferrari more often!

E​xterior styling

The exterior attention to detail is a lot better than what you'd find in a regular Maisto model. My guess is that the Ferrari licensing inspired Maisto to do their best on the LaFerrari. I found more attention to detail than on normal Maisto models as evidenced by the massive brake calipers (on Maisto models the brakes aren't often visible) with the Ferrari script on them, a sturdier plastic windshield and engine window. Much to my surprise, the exhaust pipes actually had depth to them! Maisto typically "chromes over" the exhaust holes at the end of the pipe which, in my opinion, looks rather lame, especially on high performance cars.

C​hromed exhaust with no depth doesn't look too good, does it?

C​hromed exhaust with no depth doesn't look too good, does it?

The inside of the pipe was painted silver, the same color of the exhaust pipe, which was a nice detail nice to have. In addition to the detailed exhausts, the aerodynamic 'fins' below the fog light caught me by surpise. I knew they were on a full size LaFerrari, but didn't expect Maisto to execute them so well.

I​nside the cabin

A​fter taking a good look inside this LaFerrari, I can tell you with confidence that the interior is the best of any of my Maisto models. Once again, the attention to detail is on another level, as you'll see in the photos below. There were details you wouldn't even notice if you didn't thoroughly examine it, which I am very fond of doing! Many of you know me as a "Plastic Hater" and unfortunately the LaFerrari's interior was mainly plastic. Thankfully, the carbon fibre dashboard compensated for the use of plastic in other areas. I can't seem to put into words how shocked I am that every little detail like the air conditioning vents, a storage net near the passenger's leg area, and all of the center console buttons were included. I just wish that all Maisto interiors were like this because the value for $15 is insane!

U​nder the hood

F​or the price, I was expecting a mediocre reproduction o thef Maisto's LaFerrari's hybrid V12. To my surprise, I was incorrect because I only found a few of parts under the hood that dissatisfied me. Because the LaFerrari has a hybrid V12 engine, the hybrid wires have to go somewhere. Maisto included them, but not to my satisfaction. Orange paint held the hybrid wires in one place which was functional but not something I enjoy looking at. Two hood supports were located near the hinges above of the engine cover, rather than only one support near the center of the engine bay which pleased me. The engine itself is well replicated, highlighted by the red stripe down the engine, with the Ferrari text on both sides. The engine is superb.


T​his 1:18 Ferrari LaFerrari by Maisto is easily the highest quality and best overall model by Maisto that I've seen on the market today, and one of the favorite models in my collection. For a mere $15, the quality is far higher than some of my $30 or $50 models. I highly recommend you get yourself over to Costco to pick up one of these if you are looking for a high quality Maisto model for less, or just want a cool Ferrari displayed on your shelf.

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  • Might have to start going to Costco with my parents...

      4 months ago
  • Nice! I have one too by Bburago but he hasn't got opening doors only the engine bay

      4 months ago
    • 4 months ago
  • The same happens in Mexico at Costco and Sam's Club, they sell Maisto Diecast cara for less than half the price you get everywhere else, my personal collection wouldn't be the same without those!

      4 months ago
  • I once had a Maisto F-150 Raptor

      4 months ago