This past February my girlfriend and I went to Belgium. We stayed in Brugge for a week but also scheduled one day to visit the capital. We didn't have a plan. Just visit whatever we felt that was important and come back to Bruges. As I was checking interesting places to visit in Brussels, a name came up: "Autoworld Belgium". I'm going to save you all the details because this is not a travel vlog and jump right in with the museum.

this is not a travel vlog

I didn't know what to expect before we crossed the massive door because I've never been in a car museum and, let's be honest, except for Spa, Belgium is not a petrolhead's mecca. We go to buy the entry tickets and while the receptionist is talking, my eyes are jumping from one side to the other of the massive room, filled with cars. There were even cars just hanging, like toys. I was overwhelmed, I didn't know where to start! We did the obvious thing and followed the museum's order, which is somewhat chronological.

Just right in front, you had what I guess are the first sort of motorcycles. I know nothing about motorcycles.

So, back to the cars. The first section was dedicated to cars from early 1900 to around mid-50s. The American section was particularly well presented, with the lights and the "Bel's Drive In"...And a Porsche Speedster, which is not very American.

I was so distracted by everything that I didn't take enough pictures

The best part of Autoworld is how they tell a story with cars. You can see how a workshop would have looked at the early days of automobiles.

The ground floor also had these beach buggies from different brands, and some sort of caravan, solar-powered, things...

The second and top floor was reserved for competition and even rarer cars than the ones on ground floor. Here you could see a brand new Lexus LC500, the insides of what I think was a Mclaren P12C between many, many others.

As I mentioned, you have some quirky cars up here, like the Citroen DS, a weird looking Bugatti , the Amphicar, a police 911 Targa (like Richard Hammond mentioned on The Grand Tour) and the Italdesign Aztec(I hope Walter White had chosen this one instead of the Pontiac) and my favourite part of the museum... Race Cars.

The first thing you are greeted with, is a Bizarrini 5300GT inside a made-up racing pit.

Next to it, you have what is probably my all-time favourite Jaguar, the D Type.

Just right in front of the "boxes", you have a couple of rather interesting cars, that might not fit the "quirky" or "racecar" categories but are undoubtedly amazing.

Once you go cross that "hallway", you are greeted by Formula Ones. I had a hard time figuring if they were real or replicas. It's not because of the quality of the cars but because of the light. The sun rays were diffused by the glass on the roof and the back wall giving the whole museum a misty atmosphere.

To conclude this post, Autoworld Brussels was probably one of our highlights of the trip. It wasn't expensive, there are more features in the museum than pictures I uploaded (I wanted to leave some surprises for those who might go) and they are always changing the exhibition. I'm going to shut up now and show you the whole gallery:

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