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Cars and why some weirdos like me love them

Citizens of DriveTribe this is where to direct your non car people friends who can't understand our weird passion. And also a refresher for us.

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Being hostile to non car guys makes you a real douche don't do it

Because our passion is enjoying lumps of oil and gears meshed together with some bodywork outside on four wheels that moves. It was invented for TRANSPORTATION. Getting from A to B. For most people it serves a purpose and that's it. For them enjoying cars is n weirder than enjoying vacuum cleaners (although saying that if a Dyson employee is here hit me up because I'd actually be really interested in seeing how my vacuum works without taking it apart and ruining it...).

Except it's not that simple at all really is it?

It's really hard to put into words what puts this machine in a different class. Looks. Sounds. Power. Heritage. Luxury. The feeling of a perfect heel-and-toe shift, the satisfaction of nailing your line, braking and power, the rapturous, blissful yet full alertness when you manage to kick the tail end out and slide around a corner with an impossible amount of angle. I haven't driven yet but I can only begin to comprehend what joy this brings to those of you who can.

Cars are powerful in many ways.

Cars can develop a LOT of power. Fun fact-the standard horse has about 15hp (although how whomever measured that dyno-ed a horse I haven't a clue). The Koeniggsegg Regera has 1500hp. That's 100 times more powerful than a horse. 100. That is incredible and I find you a bit weird frankly if you don't see exactly how remarkable that is. It isn't 100 times bigger than a horse, although it is a wide car. Commanding that sort of power is impossibly alluring you have to admit. Most of us usually have 120-200hp cars though, which is only 8-10 or so times more powerful. Which is still a LOT. And there's a satisfaction you get when you realise just how powerful a machine it is you're controlling.

Cars are a symbol of freedom

The allure of being able to drive pretty much anywhere you want on land is undeniably awesome. Freedom is awesome. Try denying that.

Cars often have heritage

If someone asked me would I rather own a Ford GT or drive around Circuit De La Sarthe in the Ford GT40 I would choose the GT40 without a microsecond of hesitation. Because the GT40 is a piece of history, a triumph of effort and hard work, tears, sweat, sorrow and joy. Showing that David can destroy Goliath. Ferrari seemed unbeatable. Ford crushed them after toiling for two years. It was one hell of an effort, and if you like movies watch Ford V Ferrari. The GT would probably be quicker (although the GT40, having close to 500hp is no slouch whatsoever), but the GT40 is...its an icon. A legend. To car guys that battle is as important as the Battle of Waterloo. Showing that yes, Napoleon CAN be defeated, Ferrari CAN be beaten. And we'll do it. Show the world that we are capable of far more than you'd think.

Now for culture and emotion

Many put their heart and souls into their rides. Squeeze that extra horsepower, put in a beefier turbo, massive rear tires, six-piston Brembo brakes, Mishimoto parts everywhere, reducing weight, forging the engine, bit of camber, lower it, custom exhausts. Make that ride theirs. They put their heart and soul into these machines and yes it does go wrong.It can be frustrating. But it's spectacular when it goes right. It's these people's life's work. Making their rides these powerful, remarkable machines. Almost like their children. And that's what car's are like to some of us.

They talk, tell us every word through the wheel. That feeling when you shift perfectly, the brakes telling you how hard you're pushing them. And the sound, oh, the sound. From the soprano scream of the V12, to the angry growl of the cross-plane pushrod V8, to the soprano scream of the LFA V10 to the whine of the demon to the soft sigh as you let off the Throttle of a Chiron, noise is a massive part of it. It let's you know the power, the prestige, the awesomeness of what you're driving. For me, sound is soul. Or a big part at least. It is hard to explain why sound is so important to us but if you are not into cars you will have to trust the judgement of a good 70-80% of petrolheads worldwide. The sound of some cars can bring some of us even close to joyous tears, and it is very hard to explain why. They eschew goosebumps and happines beyond belief and it...it. Explaining it is nigh-on impossible.

But not all of these even matter that much

Because there is nothing quite like wrestling a car round a bend. When your car feels like an extension of your limbs, when you cross 7,000 rpm and all that's left is a body moving through space and time. Your car becomes a tiny part, an addition to your soul. Car's are impressive machines. They are fun machines; you can have a lot of fun with an underpowered hatchback. But every once in a while a car comes along and inspires a generation of us petrolheads. It reminds some of us why car's can be so, so much more, and are so much more than soulless machines to some of us. They are what a lot of us live for, breathe for. They are a culture. They are almost a religion for some of us. If you aren't interested in cars I understand why you aren't. But this is my attempt at penning down why some of us adore these weird 4-wheeled machines. I can tell you I have not even come close to explaining the adoration I have for these machines; if car's were banned then many of us would lose a big part of our lives. I have another major passion and if both were torn from me then...my life would feel empty. It may sound like I am an absolute madman, but just ask some of us. I sincerely hope I'm not alone here.

That is an end of a tale of emotion and love.

I honestly can't conclude this. My limited skill in journalism couldn't possibly begin to describe my passion for these things. These pieces of art. Comment whatever you want. I really should sleep now so I'll end this here.

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