Cars Are Changing

Is it a good thing?

4y ago

I'd certainly argue that the automotive world only continues to get better and better each year. Cars are quicker, better handling, more efficient, and technologically more advanced than they've ever been. What do you think?

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  • I settled for a DSG in my Octavia RS, cause I got a better deal on it.

    But by god am I not getting another one of those dualclutch boxes again. Crawling in to tight parkingspots is nigh on impossible with it (because the transmission has some stupid simulated stallspeed, and the parking sensors go off as if the Luftwaffe was coming in for a bombing raid), and just a simple thing as rocking the car loose when you get stuck in the snow is impossible, because you can't shift it from reverse rapidly into forward gear. Any old car with a manual transmission would have dealt with those situations splendidly with a competent driver.

    Sure, the DSG gets you from 0-100km/h quicker (if you can live with not being able to launch it). But take it to the track, or the local twisty, and you need to handle the gear changes manually anyway.

    For all the advancements in performance, cars are not just getting better. They are getting idiot proof. And as an enthusiast; idiot proof, is not what I'm looking for in a car.

      4 years ago
  • Cars are getting better objectively, but the problem is that whatever improvement has occurred has caused the drivers to become even worse. You don't have to worry about falling asleep and drifting out of your lane because your car will steer you back to where you should be. You don't have to pay attention to whether the car in front of you is putting on its brakes because your car will stop itself for you. We've become a society of lazy, badge-conscious people who are more concerned with who likes us, follows us, wants to be like us, what the numbers on the sheet of paper are, what kind of status we have achieved, and what kind of status we need to achieve than anything else. We can't take responsibility for anything anymore because the car should have stopped itself from hitting the car in front of us, side-swiping the car next to us, or running that red light. We can't even figure out which pedal is the brake pedal anymore, then we get to sue the automaker for our ineptitude.

    I could rant on about this all day, but I've got deadlines to meet, so I'll just end with the chorus to one of my favorite songs: "it's a f**ked-up world".

      4 years ago
  • The main improvement I'd like to see on cars is a less distractive distractovision in the dash. In my old 2000 Nissan Frontier with 89,000 miles, that I inherited from my dad several years ago. I can reach over and turn a dial, push a button, or toggle a switch, to do almost anything I need to while driving. I know where those things are and what they do without having to look at a screen. Recently, in a newer model rental car which will go unnamed because I hated it, I had to stare at a screen to set the temp on the A/C, push two buttons with one hand to adjust the mirrors, start the car back up to roll the window back up, and so on. I love tech. My house is decorated in tech and gadgets. If they ever get voice controls to work properly in a car, I'd be thrilled. I can even see a time when I'd sit back and let the car drive. But please stop with the fiddly distractovision craze. I need to be able to drive in traffic without a co-driver to work the controls. I need controls that I can find without looking, and use without thinking. I need to be able to drive.

      4 years ago
  • Cars are not getting better, they are getting more annoying. Seatbelt bong, potential collision bong, open door bong etc etc. Add to that auto gearboxes that never seem to be in the right mode for the right application, auto engine switch off when you get to a roundabout, electric steering, everything now done with buttons rather than levers.

    "yes but an auto will change faster and get the 0-60 down really low", correct, but why do you need that? Other than on a track, the most amount of time you get on the road to accelerate hard is for just 1 or 2 gears then you hit traffic or a corner. Now we have paddles shifters in a car where you can't hear the gears, the sequential shift is the wrong way round and in the real world are actually slower and more dangerous (when comparing directly and objectively)

    You can only update and improve for so long, now its just downhill being stuck in long private hire contracts with technology for technologies sake. Mercedes seem to think that the interior of their new e-class is classy and amazing. I think it is as tacky as a branch of dixons, like an aiwa mini system for 30 years ago. You have 2 huge screens that will just distract you. All these laws about mobile phones causing accidents, I wonder how many are now caused by someone "trying to change the radio" or "entering a new destination on the sat nav" or "change the clock" or just FINDING THE FUCKING BUTTON THAT DEMISTS THE BACK WINDOW!!!!????

    I would ban all touchscreens (you always have to take you eyes off the road), central control units and the like. If you can't fit it on a button on the dashboard then the technology just isn't worth it. You're trying to give us a reason to pay more and more for the same car but with less control to us and more to the manufacturer. More distractions and less focus on actually driving properly. "No it's alright, my car will brake for me, my car will steer for me" - good job because with all the neon lights in todays new cars, you're going to need it.

      4 years ago
  • I have been & still am a technician at a well known German brand & I've seen a lot of changes since 1997 when I first started... I think the biggest is the customer, having a car now is not a massive big deal like it was in the 80's,90's maybe 00's the vast majority of people don't own their cars & have them on some sort of finance or bank loan & then get rid of them sharpish after paying a shit ton a month for god knows how long, for most it's just an A to B piece of equipment & the fact that it's doing most of the driving for them is even better because driving is an inconvenience, hence why most people enjoy automatic gearboxes, "it's automatic so I can (rightly or wrongly) enjoy a sandwich or god knows what else instead of concentrating on driving"... I've also lost count of the amount of people who tell me that their car is a manual because it's got paddles on the steering wheel, it's PDK, it's DSG, it's SMG, it's E-Gear, it's S-tronic... here is an easy way to tell : COUNT YOUR PEDALS !

      4 years ago
    • Three pedals = manual, two pedals = automatic. The only people who think otherwise are poseurs who are concerned with the badges on their cars and numbers on a piece of paper instead of the actual driving experience.

        4 years ago
    • Nailed it sir!

        4 years ago