Cars Are Changing

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I'd certainly argue that the automotive world only continues to get better and better each year. Cars are quicker, better handling, more efficient, and technologically more advanced than they've ever been. What do you think?

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  • I'm not against change. I am just against inconsistent empty unsustainable concepts like electric vehicles. And I am against the political parties supporting such solutions without having a technical background nor proper arguments. I am against such ignorance, that is supposed to be "change".

    1 year ago
  • The main improvement I'd like to see on cars is a less distractive distractovision in the dash. In my old 2000 Nissan Frontier with 89,000 miles, that I inherited from my dad several years ago. I can reach over and turn a dial, push a button, or toggle a switch, to do almost anything I need to while driving. I know where those things are and what they do without having to look at a screen. Recently, in a newer model rental car which will go unnamed because I hated it, I had to stare at a screen to set the temp on the A/C, push two buttons with one hand to adjust the mirrors, start the car back up to roll the window back up, and so on. I love tech. My house is decorated in tech and gadgets. If they ever get voice controls to work properly in a car, I'd be thrilled. I can even see a time when I'd sit back and let the car drive. But please stop with the fiddly distractovision craze. I need to be able to drive in traffic without a co-driver to work the controls. I need controls that I can find without looking, and use without thinking. I need to be able to drive.

    1 year ago
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