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In today's world you see people talking about the car investment market. What is it and how do they do it? When we see a Ferrari F40 for sale for over a million euros, we all think that the guy who hold on to his one, is about to make allot of money....but is that really the case?

Ferrari F40

Lets look at the F40 example: The car itself would have set you back a cool 200000euro back in 1987. If you old on to it for the past 29 year you have (conservatively speaking) a nice 10000euro service bill per year, this if you weren't unfortunate enough to crash it at some point. So lets do the math: 200000 + 290000= 490000. If you sell it for a cool 1000000 you made yourself 510000euro or 17586euro per year that falls short of 9% of the original car price. Not bad but considering the size of the investment I would expect much better.

oopps there goes the profit....

But enough about supercars and super money. There are at this point some "normal" cars that are just old and unappreciated that you can buy and make yourself a nice percentage while you enjoy them for 10 years.

Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI. The rarest of the 205's this GTI is in a class of it's own when it comes to hot hatchs. Loved by everyone that ever drove one it is still at very affordable prices but will surely triple it's value over the nest 10 year period.

Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI

Ford Puma 1.7 VCT. Stunning example of Ford's Europe new edge design the Puma 1.7 is a great handling car and a super fast machine. Driving to the end of the speedometer is easy as it only goes up to 220km/h. Trading hands at 1000 euro and under this car should make you 10 times it's money in 10 years. Get in while you still can.

Ford Puma 1.7 VCT

BMW Z8. If you have a lager pocket this is surely the car to go for. With only 5703 units produced this car is already a collector item due to commercial flop. Still possible to get around the 150000euro mark prices are rocketing fast and in 10 years you should be on the 500000euro mark with ease. After that the sky will be the limit. So don't stay there scratching your head, get out there and grab yours while you still can afford it...

These are only some examples of cars that are on the way up but still at ground level. If you are on the market for making money while enjoying yourself keep an eye out and you will surely get it. Final tips for the best apreciating cars: Sporty, cabrio and low production numbers. Best of luck