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44w ago


Once again, we have had our annual meet, run by our local “club”, I say “club” as we are not really a club as such, there are no memberships, no presidents, no anoraks, no committees etc etc. Basically we are just a bunch of petrol heads who organise this do once a year. The basic rules are that we spend all the money on beer and food, there are no prizes, no “oldest” cars etc etc and anybody can join in so long as you have something with an engine and a number of wheels.

So at about 8 am we set the bar up (very important) by 10am we had made sure that the beer was drinkable and then the cars and bikes start arriving. The “get togethers” are done in different places, the cars in the village centre and the bikes next to the bar.

At about 12ish we all get together and go for a parade around the village and then a drive up to a monastery in the mountains (great drive) and back down to the bar where we stay until all of the beer and food has gone.

Good road!

We always get a great selection of local Seats and Renaults and a few other things, but this year we have had a few amazing cars, not the sort of thing you would expect in a little village in the south of Spain.

We had a fabulous BMW

The Corvette was mega

So was the TR3

The VW looked pretty good as well

And this thing blew smoke rings when it started up

Nice bikes as well

But my personal favourite was this lovely little red thing

Anyway, all the cars and a good few anoraks were down in the Rambla (where the car meet was) all milling around looking at the cars and talking paint jobs and gearboxes.

How many cars were there? no idea, I had left the sign-up sheets at the bar, and before we knew it we had run out of t-shirts and bags, we only had 50 to start with because like I said it is normally just a little local event with 20-odd cars and there were loads more than 50 cars this year. In the meantime, back at the bar the bikers had already done 2 barrels of beer, most of them did not go on the ride. Again there were more than double the amount of bikers this year.

Beer, BBQ and Bikers ------Please Note: All the beer was alcohol free, ..........honest

Anyway, we all mustered together and went for a drive ending back up at the bar and BBQ, which was to say the least, pretty packed, for the next 2 or 3 hours me and the lads could barely keep up, the BBQ was on full blast and the barrels of beer were evaporating quickly.

We took the village streets over for a while

All in all it was a pretty good meet, done on a shoestring budget and a minimal amount of organisation, keeping it as simple as we can, getting a whole load of petrolheads together and feed them as much beer and BBQ as they want……………………good fun!