Cars & Coffee #1 Bucharest, Romania

1y ago


I arrived at the Motorpark at 9AM. It was a foggy morning, and the light was perfect for some beauty shots.

Porsche and Bentley were setting up the stands and I interfered with the photographs, sorry.

The glorious GT3 wearing a really nice colour

I can't take my eyes off that iconic emblem

Yellow on yellow, with that centerlock

Flatsix 4.0 NA

Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult

ferdinand porsche

At about 11.30 the cars started to appear at location, and chaos began

I say chaos, in a good way, everybody searched for the best angles and took shots with the cars. it was a very nice chaos :D

After the driver briefing, the cars entered the circuit for warm-ups.

After the fog dissipated, race class took over the circuit.

After the second driver briefing, clickers were fitted and timed laps began.

The event was really nice. I congratulate the organisers and spornsors!

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