Cars Crumple Like Paper When Smashed With A 9,000 Pound Wrecking Ball

51w ago


Some days you just want to see things get crushed. And for automotive enthusiasts, seeing some terrible cars get crushed could be some of the saddest or the best things to see. The Slow-Mo Guys have been tapped by The Grand Tour to help promote their season 2 on Amazon Prime, and what better way to celebrate than to do some activities that The Trio would do if given enough free time and plenty of boredom.

Taking a 9,000 pound wrecking ball and smashing it against some truly horrendous cars (that E46 convertible is only borderline horrendous) gives us a great insight into how structurally sound some cars really are. While it's not really a proper representation of a crash, a massive weight moving at some velocity can represent the same momentum as a normal car crashing at higher speeds.

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  • Very cool picture.

    11 months ago


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