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For some strange reason, the motoring world is predominantly (and i use that word carefully) dominated by the male population. This isn't sexist in any way, and purely just an observation!

Luckily, this balance is being addressed and people like Monique Chadwick, 20, from Oxford, England are starting to show the boys how its done!

Monique and her Audi A3

Only owning her Lava Grey A3 since May 2016, Monique already has major plans to transform the car and put her own unique stamp on things. Within 2 weeks of owning the car, FK Highsport coilovers and 19" Audi rotors were ordered and fitted, giving the car the aggressive low slung stance you see today!

RS3 Honeycomb Grill adds to the agressive look

To add to the aggressive look, a RS3 Honeycomb grill and Seat Cupra front splitter was sourced and bolted in place. Finally, to bring the car bang up to date, MY11 rear lights were fitted completing the exterior transformation.....FOR NOW!

Subtle mods are key!....S-Line Flat bottom Steering wheel and Carbon Key fob!

Lava Grey paintwork looking moody and almost Black!


Like most petrol heads, the quest for car perfection is never ending! Monique plans to add a touch of practicality to her car by riding low on an Airlift Performance 3P suspension kit that will tuck those 19's nicely! Apart from looks, the beauty of air suspension soon becomes apparent when you drive on UK roads!

Once the car is riding low, down and dirty, Monique will be turning her attention to the interior. Recaro CS wingbacks, Various Carbon trims and steering wheel, Black S-line headlining and finally having the interior completely re-trimmed in leather with subtle white stitching. After that, the car will be remapped and tuned to squeeze some more horses out of the standard 1.9tdi engine!

Monique rolling in her A3

As much as Monique loves the Audi Lava Grey (even though it looks black in photos) "I'd love to respray it Nardo grey" she told me and I'm guessing, at Moniques current rate, it won't be long before that transformation happens too!

I'd love to respray it Nardo grey


Cars like this will constantly evolve and change and Monique already has her eye on a set of Ferrari 458 wheels. She loves the OEM plus look of the car rolling on the 19" Rotors, but seeing as Monique has transformed the car, to how it looks today in under a year, I get the feeling those Ferrari rims might be making an appearance sooner than you might think! Go Girl!

Got Instagram and want to keep up with the progress of the car? Go follow Monique @moniqueadele_

Are you a female Audi owner? Want you and your car to be part of this regular DriveTribe Cars & Girls feature? Then drop us an email to and lets see what we can do!

Images supplied by Monique Chadwick, Charlie6B and Henry Phull

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  • Can't wait to see it laying low on the 3p 👌🏻

    2 years ago
  • Beautiful! I love the work she's done.

    2 years ago


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