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Cars I Wish Were Sold In India (II) (KIA Stinger/GT)

And This Time it might come TRUE!

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The Threequel of my series 'Cars I Wish Were Sold In India' as I explained in my previous article this is the sort of thing I do when no one wants to lend me their cars for me to go all Doug Demuro on it because they fear I might go full Clarkson on their car or perhaps its because I don't have half the credibility of these two and they'd rather keep their cars safe than getting a call later reporting them that they fund their car crashed in a ditch when some ''wannabe'' journalist decided to test its handling, but I digress.

Since I am not testing cars and playing journalist, I got a lot of time on my hands so decided to ask my followers on Instagram which car or brand they wish were sold in India.

It's fair to say in a country filled with hatchback turned SUVs and sedans with bicycle tyres I've got a lot of responses and some of them were genuine enthusiast cars and some were as quirky as Toyota Corolla.

Last time I talked about my personal favourite Mercedes AMG R63 and ranked it number one on my list. and now second on the list is KIA Stinger. Recommended by one of my followers on Instagram. I must say I pretty much approve that's why it's second on the list.


KIA Stinger, not necessarily the GT model which gets a V6

Even though the GT variant with a V6 is a better choice than other Stinger variants I think for Indian roads, 2.0 Litre 4 cylinder producing 220+ horsepower and 340 Nm of torque is plenty enough for India. or the diesel 2.2 4 cyl that produces 200 Horsepower and over 400Nm of torque which I think might be a better choice because diesel produces almost 100Nm more than the petrol 4 Cyl and is just 20 horsepower down but its the torque that makes the vehicle get up and go so I belive as Stinger is no Lightweight champion weighing almost around 1600kg - 1900kg depending on the model. so having those extra torques will help in Stop n Go traffic, being a diesel it might be more efficient than turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol, if so is the case than it makes more sense to get a diesel variant in India because of the unwarranted rise of fuel prices in the last couple of months. But all my assumptions are purely theoretical and I have never been behind the wheel of a KIA Stinger.

Don't get me wrong I would love to see a Stinger GT on the Indian roads and would certainly do anything to get behind Stinger's wheels and have a proper go in it.

But, sadly the way Tax system works in this country even if the car is brought in the country in CKD form it will still make the car at least $20,000 more expensive than it's going for in the US market, In USA KIA Stinger GT costs about $38,000-$40,000 so adding a 30% tax for a CKD unit and 28% GST tax this car would cost around equivalent of $67,000, i.e 50,00,000 INR. That's just some idiot adding up the numbers in his free time who knows how much more or less expensive it'll be.

There are some rumours out there that suggest KIA is considering to launch the Stinger 4 cyl in India and the estimated price would be around 50,00,000 INR, for a 4 cyl KIA! and if the rumours are to come true then imagine how expensive would GT model get. Fingers crossed that this might not be the case.

Enough Numbers, Let's Talk About The Car.

KIA Stinger is engineered under the watchful eyes of the Former BMW M boss Albert Biermann so I suppose it's safe to assume KIA Stinger will be no stranger to some sets of bends and the chassis will be a tonne of fun to drive and has absolute control around the corners.

KIA Stinger gets 2 engine options 3 in Europe, two 4 cyl and one 3.3 V6. One of the two 4 cyl engines on offer is 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol producing around 220 Horsepower and the other is 2.2 Litre Diesel producing about 200 Horsepower.

4 cyl Engines are capable of 0-62 mph in under 7 seconds which does not particularly make it the quickest car and with the top speed of 150 mph, it would make it one of the fastest cars in India if it went on sale. On the other hand, is the GT model has pretty impressive numbers the 3.3T V6 is capable of producing 370 Horsepower and 510 Nm of torque and does 0-60 under 5 seconds with the top speed of 169 mph.

Not just on outright performance, the base 4 cyl models of KIA Stinger also misses out on other go-fast performance goodies like Adaptive Dampers, variable-ratio steering wheel, mechanical Limited-slip differential, Brembo brakes and 19'inch wheels.

At least in India the closest car to have more power and similar performance is the Mercedes AMG C43 coupe with 400+ horsepower but it also costs over 70,00,000 INR i.e almost $94,000. Go figure.

KIA Stinger or Stinger GT is our last hope to get a chance to drive a proper RWD sports sedan that is light on pocket and fairly reliable. saying that we do get a 'sports sedan' Esque from certain german from Munich, BMW 330i sports which cost around 50,00,000 INR and AWD variant 330i M sports costs about 62,00,000 INR both producing 254 Horsepower and 400Nm of torque.

This begs the question can KIA undercut the prices of base Stinger compared to the BMW 3 series with similar or more performance?

considering the prices of base KIA Stinger in other markets and adding all the unnecessary Tax add ons if the car comes via CKD route then it would cost around $52,000 which is about 37,00,000 INR for the base 4 cyl variant and the other car that had similar performance and did 0-60 under 7 seconds was Skoda Octavia VRS 245 which was sold around for 40,00,000 INR and it was an FWD chassis and was sold in limited numbers.

If KIA gets the pricing right Stinger might be one of the nicest cars on sale if KIA ever launches it in India. well, we got McLaren now in India so there still is some hope.

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