Cars in Russia may be fitted with built-in breathalysers

Ministry of Industry and Trade may fit cars with breathalysers in an attempt to combat drunk driving.

According to Russian independent media outlet Kommersant, the ministry will consider fitting cars with ignition interlock devices which will block the engine from starting if the resultant breath-alcohol concentration result is greater than the programmed blood alcohol concentration.

Russia has a massive problem with alcoholism, which has been seen as the primary cause of massive amounts of deaths of Russian roads - last year, 17 000 people were killed in road accidents in Russia compared to 1,870 in the UK.

In a similar fashion, the EU announced last year that all cars produced and sold on its territory will be fitted with ignition interlock devices; the law will come into force in 2022.

I don't think the new system will work, because as the 2016 US elections showed us, even the most secure system in the world can be hacked by Kremlin agents, so they will definitely find a way to hack the interlock devices to get the desired result.

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      10 days ago
  • I suggested this once for a business project because I watched the russian dashcam vids. I was told it wudnt work😰.

      10 days ago
  • I think cars in Russia shudnt be made at all🤣

      10 days ago
  • I foresee a large rise in Russians using public transport, whereupon they will be delayed as the bus driver failed the breathalyser along with every single passenger.

      9 days ago
  • Well

    Now Mother Russia's cars is also a spy in its own terms,

    Because now they would also scan you whether you're drunk or not,

    Even LADA is also a KGB agent,

    Would kill you by informing,


    After sometime you'll see a red dot on your forehead and then you'll recalculating as what mistake you've done to get that red dot of execution on your forehead,

    So after this breathalysers fitted in cars there would be no traffic in Russia as everyone either would be executed or there would be cars but no peron on it because of Spetsnaz rule of curbing drink and drive,

    As everyone would be on vodka so the roads of Russia would be empty due to this policy,

    If anyone asks for a drink to someone he would be thinking of action taken by spetsnaz when they would find him either drink driving or walking dwindlingly on the road,

    If you do that the red dot of spetsnaz awaits for you,

    Drunk bois drunk bois watcha ya gonna do,

    Watcha ya gonna do,

    When Spetsnaz come for you,

    Drunk bois drunk bois watcha ya gonna do,

    Watcha ya gonna do,

    When spetsnaz comes for you,



      9 days ago