Cars - our drug of choice

My name is 'the dreamer' and i'm addicted to cars.

4y ago

There’s a saying ‘Teach your children to love cars and they won’t be able to afford drugs’. This may be true, but they will also not be able to afford much else either once they have finished modifying or buying their cars.

That may not have been my father’s motivation and he probably wouldn’t have realised how much I would grow to love cars. But it certainly was the outcome for me.

Why do we love cars so much then? The answer will be different for all of us, but for me it was because of my father’s passion for vintage cars that did it for me. However, I did not enjoy vintage cars and have memories of long, cold, windy drives that were actually very unpleasant.

This is most likely why I’m more partial to fast, modern cars these days. I don’t think my dad would mind though, if he were around to see me now. He died when I was young and so I keep his memory alive through my love of cars.

I think I speak for many mothers out there when I say we need 'something' that helps us through the sometimes monotonous job of running the household day in and day out. Sure the usual things work, like seeing your children grow and develop into functioning human beings. But there has to be something else, an escape for when it all gets too much.

For me my escape is the car, so when all my chores are done and the children are safely tucked up in school, I can just get in the car and drive.

My destination is generally nowhere in particular. I just love getting behind the wheel and going. The noise of the engine, the acceleration, and that special feeling you get just brings a smile to my face every time. For me it’s the ultimate high!

As the opportunity for going for a peaceful drive by myself generally only comes around once a month or so, my alternative is just to go and sit in the car and let it fill my senses when I need a break from my life. It's so peaceful and quiet, a few minutes is usually all I need to regather my composure.

Something strange also happens to me when I attend motorsport events as well. My husband says that my brain sort of switches off and the only thing I think about is seeing, hearing and smelling the cars.

Like all drugs, you have your cheap, easy accessible ones and the more expensive, allusive ones. But the cost is not important; the addiction is still the same.

So what’s your drug of choice? Mine is the expensive, allusive kind and if we won lotto there would be a Prancing Horse in my garage, but at present all I can afford to do is window shopping, but that is enough to keep the addiction at bay for now.

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Comments (2)

  • Hi Sue, pleased to meet you. I also love the Impreza! Sounds like we have a lot in common, I look forward to chatting with you more :)

      4 years ago
  • My love lays with the historic Rally cars. my daily drove is the Impreza, the boxer noise is in my blood. My poor children have also inherited the love. Track days and Motorsport events are the normal days out that we have.

      4 years ago