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Just to clarify, I know this is an unusual sort of article. Not factual, not important, not about recent news, debatable if it’s even interesting. I thought it could be a decent idea, but you folks will be the adjudicators of that. Also, my girlfriend is tired of me blabbing on about this sort of stuff, so now you will be my direction of release. One more note, a theme you might gather from some of these cars that I’m going to mention is that I like nice sounds from cars and interesting engineering.

Starting this right with the lovely Honda S2000. I have been longing after this car for a good number of years now (considering my age, that’s significant), and I had the opportunity to buy one. Unfortunately, I was unable to find one that wasn’t about to immediately combust due to poor maintenance along with my loss of motivation due to people saying, “it’s just a Honda”. Instead, my naivety and deep, deep, deep, subconscious desperation for a bit of “clout” lead me to get a Porsche. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Boxster (there’s a picture of it on my profile page if you’re interested), but there has since been a continuous crying in the back of my mind saying I would’ve loved S2K even more.

Anyway, onto the car itself and my unhealthy obsession for it. Let’s start with some figures, since us car nerds always love a bit of that tech shiz. My favourite is the 9000 rpm redline. Can you just imagine the noise and feel that bulletproof 4 banger would make whizzing around at that rate? It may just seem like a novelty to some, but I love a good novelty. The sort of engineering that would have to go into an engine to be able to rev that high is staggering. On top of this, I’ve read about that those engines can easily go over 200K miles with basic regular maintenance. I know that some Civics have a high redline and they also have VTEC, but this is a 2-seater sports car. While on the subject of VTEC, that’s where the peak power is made. 240hp from a 2.0L N/A engine, which was the highest horsepower per litre until the Ferrari 458. Only downside to this car is the price, since they are appreciating. They’re not huge money, but for around 7-8K, you’re looking at over 100K miles, most likely. Also, I want one in yellow.

We also have a contender from Germany, the Audi S5. The B8 S5, to be specific, with the 4.2L V8. Throwing down 350 Deutsche horsies, the Audi has an angry 8-cylinder powerhouse under the long bonnet. Again, my interest in this car stems from the sound it makes and its engineering. It’s hard to beat the noise of a good V8, however I will admit that an American V8 can sound better (like an LS or a Coyote). But the reasoning for my love of this car (besides the whopping V8) is the German engineering and the legendary Quattro 4WD system. One of the moments in my life where I have been most smug was a couple of years at a sort of Christmas fair. It was a cold, rainy December day and the organisers of the event used a great parking choice of a large muddy field. The rain was pouring for the whole time we were there, so a few hours, obviously, making the make-do ‘carpark’ very muggy. Luckily, I had an Audi S1 at the time. Although it didn’t have the traditional Quattro system, it had another method of powering all 4 of the wheels, allowing me to cruise through the deep mud, whilst other seemingly lethargic fairgoers had to be towed out by a tractor. Hence my love for the four rings.

So those were just 2 cars that have been on my mind for a while, and I needed some humans to hear me out on my obsession. Thank you. Like if you enjoyed :)

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  • Dude you should keep writing about this stuf. Is it interesting, uhhh yes. I have written less factual opinion stuf like twice this week alone, it's fun. Everybody on this app loves cars and I personally can't wait for part 2

      4 months ago