Cars that just... shouldn't exist!

      And I'm not talking about stupid or fun cars, but rather ones that have literally no purpose.

      4w ago


      Some cars are useful, fun or outclass all rivals. You could argue this with cars like the Ford Mustang, Rolls Royce Phantom and the VW Golf. Some cars have literally no merits. And those are the ones I'll be looking at today!

      Vauxhall Corsa

      There have been some brilliant Anglo-French marriages. The Channel Tunnel. The Allies. Concorde. This is not one of them. Somehow, the Vauxhall Corsa has been the UK's best selling car for the last two months (e.g. the first two months properly on sale), and I just don't understand why. I cannot think of a single reason I would buy this over a Ford Focus or Seat Ibiza, except supporting British manufacturing. And, while we're on this, there is no reason to buy the Renault Clio or Peugeot 208 or Citroen C3. There is literally nothing good about them.

      GET RID OF IT!!!!

      Bugatti Chiron Sport

      Now, if you were looking for a Vauxhall Corsa alternative now that I've criticised it, this Bugatti may not be the car for you! I realise I'm probably being overly critical, but the 'Sport', 'SuperSport', 'Pur Sport', '30 Ans' and standard car are ALL THE SAME CAR! Seeing as the whole point of the Chiron was to beat the record, the only one produced should have been the Supersport. The rest are just derivatives so that Bugatti can sell more than the 300 Chirons that they promised to the original customers without getting sued!

      And that's without including the Divo, Centrodieci, La Voiture Noire and Bolide. At least they changed some of the panels on those ones so it was disguised that they were ripping customers off!

      GET RID OF IT!!!

      Mercedes GLB

      I better tread lightly here. Because, for some unexplainable reason, the GLB has started to develop a fanbase. Can we just bear in mind that the only point of this car is so that they can raise the price on the smaller GLC that is actually meant to be bigger but isn't. If anyone can name a single reason why this is better than a Land Rover Discovery Sport or an Audi Q3, I commend you. (Tell me in the comments!). And while we're on the topic, Merc can ditch the stupid B-Class and I swear if they don't axe the T-Class 'lifestyle van' that is coming next month I might actually lose the will to live.

      GET RID OF IT!!!

      Fiat 500L

      This cars only claim to fame is that it actually deserves the title: 'Successor to the Multipla'. Seriously, it's that bad. And can we just clarify, the 124 Spider was on sale for less than three years due to poor sales. And yet this sloppy, top-heavy, ugly piece of rusty tin (I'm trying very hard to keep my words kid-friendly as my hate for this car is immense) has been on sale for 13 YEARS! HOWWWWW! WHYYYYY? PLEASEEEE NOOOOOOOOO! If there are any billionaires reading this, I beg you to buy and crush every single example and then burn down the factory!

      GET RID OF IT!

      Dishonourable mentions...

      The Chrysler 300, for literally being the car equivalent of a plain cracker.

      The VW Jetta, for literally being a more expensive Passat.

      The Rolls Royce Cullinan, for proving that money buys no taste.

      The Mercedes X-Class, for showing that people will buy anything for the badge.

      And... the Honda Jazz, for being the most consistently terrible car imaginable.

      Just before you go, I was wondering about bringing back my pretty successful 'Guess the car from the pixellated image' quizzes, as I haven't done any in about 3 months! Would you guys like to see that again or not? Comment below!

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      Comments (11)

      • I actually like the Mercedes GLB. Offers good styling that the GLA couldn't offer and has 3 rows that the equivalent Q3 or UX doesn't have

          1 month ago
        • Possibly, but they’re cramped and the Disco Sport still does it better for less

            1 month ago
        • Yes, but do you want to get to places using your engine, or an AA truck’s?

            28 days ago
      • Yes, please let's have more pixilated car quizzes. 🙂

          1 month ago
      • I'm definitely with you on the Corsa. Essentially, a rebodied Peugeot 208. However, where the 208 has some style and an innovative interior, the Vauxhall has absolutely no redeeming features. Why do they sell? Well, I can only assume that they're being bought in bulk as substantial discounts by Car Rental Firms, which, historically are Vauxhall's biggest customer.

        "Buying British" can't really be seen as a reason, either, they're built in Spain.

          1 month ago
      • I concur.

          1 month ago
      • The entire BMW SUV lineup makes the least amount of sense to me, especially the X6 and X4. Can’t think of a single reason why anyone would buy one over a 3 or 5 Series Touring.

          1 month ago


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