CArs That were better with hindsight: #1 v8 Land Rover

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V8. Land Rover. Three words that in theory when combined should create magic. The reality was very different. The asthmatic 3.5 litre V8 was noisy in all the wrong ways & lacked performance. Fuel economy - well economy probably shouldn't be used in a sentence describing a V8 Landie just as much as you should avoid using the words "residual" and "value".

Land Rover Defender 50th Anniversary Edition. Photo credit: Land Rover Owner International

Luckily for sales staff Land Rover didn't sell many of them but then came the 50th Anniversary Edition. The 50th Anniversary edition were NAS (North American Specification) cars that Land Rover had failed to sell before US regs made them literally unsellable. Offered in UK RHD form with a smart coat of Atlantis Blue paint, the 50th Anniversary was barely quicker than the 300Tdi. The lack of a diesel engine and the roll cage meant you couldn't hear the V8 at speed because of the sound of the wind rushing through the panel gaps and door seals. Customers quickly tired of them but buy back offers meant that many hung on to them.

Values today? 50th Anniversary cars have been trading for £25,000+ for a while and the white 110 County Station Wagon featured (only 15,000 miles) just sold for £26,500 at Silverstone Auctions Classic Car Show sale at the NEC. The bottom line - you're better of with a diesel.

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