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      Cars these day's are technology, not Art

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      "The past is in the past" they say, "move on, the future and the present is evolving", but does it have to evolve? Analog is one of the best things ever, and people who said analog has died don't know what they are talking about. Cars have evolved very single era, year and generation throughout our life times. We have experienced and we have seen many cars, technology, and styles evolve. But you have to think about it, how do you think these new modern designers got their ideas in the first place? Humans don't get ideas out of no where, we use inspirations that we love and that we are moved by. Cars might be evolving into more futuristic, electric and more modern styles over the years, but they don't have the emotion, passion, and feeling as they used to. As climate change and global warming becomes more of a serious issue, I don't see us going back to full petrol use, it saddening but sadly its the truth.

      Designers, car manufactures etc. have relied so much on technology and electronics these past decades, which has take the art and emotion out of the design process and the cars as well. One of the best car designers Frank Stephenson's has elaborated on this, "Hats off to them. I just would never buy one of those cars, because it is completely in contrast with the way I think design should be approached," added Stephenson. "Obviously, we need to use computers in this day of age. We would be foolish not to, but we don't want computers to take over the design process. What they are actually doing...believe it or not, is a fact, computers can design cars." Frank explained.

      "What they can't measure is the human factor, the human feeling of designing that product. And that is something that comes individually from who is designing that vehicle. It's almost as if the design is the person designing it. It's his/her genetic connection and emotions in that design," he added.

      1994 Mclaren F1 LM

      1994 Mclaren F1 LM

      I agree, and you might call my ideas and the way I think "old fashioned", but old fashion is good. We all have opinions, and I think that cars have lost their emotion, their flare, their feeling. Its just all cold, where the driver or the viewer just cant feel the connection compared to analog supercars. We are so focused on numbers, stats, performance to an extent were it takes all the uniqueness out of the car. There I said it, supercars and cars these days aren't unique anymore.

      If you search up or look at all the concept cars for the future, all I can think of is bland. Too modern, it reminds me of an empty and cold modern house. Now I don't have a problem with electric cars, but I'm not the biggest fan. I'm fine with hybrid, but going all electric isn't something us petrol heads want, and for an obvious reason. The noise! We will never get an amazing naturally aspirated V12 anymore. As Jeremy Clarkson said in the Aston Martin Vantage review, "It makes me sad", because we wont get or see cars like this anymore. Just like the Porsche Carrera GT and the Vantage, they were the last of the true analogue supercars. Cars such as those, gave us such highs, they made us feel untouchable. Its all gone now.

      Lamborghini Countach

      Lamborghini Countach

      As cars become increasingly computerized, and more technological to make driving easier and safer, there's a growing faction of many car enthusiasts who would rather do the driving themselves. That's what is so great about analog cars, every gear change, every rev, you can feel it and connect to it. It keeps you on your feet, you have to think about every move and your next move as well! If you don't, well it wont turn out that good. But, that's what makes it exiting and fun, that's why people enjoy it so much.

      New cars and modern supercars have taken that away from us, they have taken the excitement. No one wants something easy and quiet, that's boring. People want the challenge, the thrill, the passion, the beautiful design that was designed by ARTISTS, not computers. Humans want something to drive everyday, to get dirty, to fix, not something easy to drive with no thrill, that sits in their sterile garage.

      I want to feel the air rush threw my hair, while I heel and toe to match the revs. It is enjoyable, it is why most of us have a passion of cars. Frank Stephenson first fell in love with cars as a kid when he saw the Jaguar E-Type, he was stunned by its beauty, the art, the clean lines, he couldn't stop looking at it. That's what so different between the future and analog. In the past, supercars were made by artists, every single detail was thought of perfectly, everything was balanced to a simple point. No flaws, just perfection.

      Ferrari 250 GTO

      Ferrari 250 GTO

      Many companies have rebuilt and recreated their beautiful analog cars, retro is good. There's so many sunning cars in history, and it is sad that they aren't legal into the safety measures we have today. And they have taken those cars and brought them back, for our roads. In a better and more faithful way, where the cars are the same, but they have a better or bigger engine, better suspension, and better brakes. But they aren't unidentifiable from the originals, they keep that beautiful heritage of the older cars.

      Brining back that beautiful art would be amazing. Just like what Eagle, and Singer are doing, they are not covering up the history, they are using the history to make it better. Its recalling the past in a very dear way, and respecting the vehicles as well. And the abilities to take that language, keep it and make it preform better, is intelligence at its peak.

      As people who love these cars, we should be able to relive it and always have it, before it becomes forgotten. These cars were designed in a era, that artists/designers were doing them, and it would be a pity if we didn't have those anymore. Kids wont be able to fall in love with those beautiful automobiles that we fell in love with, they wont know the passion or emotion they brought us. We shouldn't let those cars go extinct, or become forgotten. We shouldn't forget the past, we should relive it, celebrate it and remember it.

      James Bond, Aston Martin DB5

      James Bond, Aston Martin DB5

      The times are changing, change is good, but its difficult and hard. Even though us humans don't like change, time is always going to keep moving forward. We cant stop time and we cant stop innovation, there will always be news ideas, no matter how much we don't like it, that's how things are.

      Beauty came from the hand, it came from hours and hours of hard work and labor to create these beautiful masterpieces. Every detail, every simple line every stich and sculpture was done to absolute riveting perfection. And if we can rebuild those cars, like Aston Martin Works did while rebuilding the Db4 gt, Db5 Goldfinger, or the Zagatos. Or how Porsche and Zagato are reincarnating their amazing work, that can bring us back to the art and passion, but also make it more practical for these modern times.

      Analog will never die, these cars will always stay in our hearts no matter what, they are truly art.

      What is your favorite analog supercar or car?

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      • Extraordinary article and very good to be true

          2 months ago
      • New cars are cool but all that tech is distracting and mostly unnecessary.

        EVs are great fun and fast but have no soul.

        Most pre 80’s are horrible to drive (I’ve driven many) but have the great looks.

        The sweet spot for me was early 90’s to mid 00’s.

          2 months ago
        • agree, most of them aren’t the best to drive, but stunning to look at! but the technology i think is also just unnecessary and ugly

            2 months ago
      • Yep nobody will ever make cars like Studebaker & the likes again

          2 months ago
      • Modern cars are good as well, like the Miata!

          2 months ago
        • It's good looking and is bit low on tech.

            2 months ago
        • yeah i know, most of them look great, i didn’t say all of them looked bad lol, i’m just saying they don’t look like art

            2 months ago
      • Old cars are so much cooler. I prefer older Porsche 911s and I would take a Countach over any modern Lamborghini. I also love Cobras including replicas that are built well

          2 months ago
        • me too as well! we have the same taste! 😂 all i want is a older car!

            2 months ago


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