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Cars vs. Guns II

So first off, that is not me in that photo above. I do not own a .50 BMG, but I wish I did. Second, I apologize for no posting an article for like a month. My computer broke and I got busy with work, but things are smoothed over now after I tore apart my laptop to figure out what was the issue. One thing I learned from the issue is I am a mechanic, not a electronics technician. But the laptop if fixed.....I think, we'll see.

About a year ago I posted an article stating basically that driver-less cars and autonomous systems were pointless and unsafe by stating a few gun safety rules and drawing from pretty much every gun owners method of safety and correlating that car owners should have similar methods of safety since cars kill more people per year in the United States than firearms. If you so desire to read said article here is the link. I think even the great James May read it and commented on it. So here I am back at it again with guns and cars. A regular STUPID BOY who can only spew out what his caveman brain thinks of.

With the last one being safety, I've decided to go on a different route and talk about proficiency. Now I think I am a okay shot with a firearm. My expert rifle and sharpshooter pistol medals are a credit to that. However, as Drivetribe's #1 authority on guns (that I know of, unless TheManSpot or Matt from Demolition Ranch show up anytime soon), I think I can get a bit of credit where credit is due. I personally don't have much of an arsenal when it comes to guns. I own several. I'm not going to tell you how many I have or what they are simply because I don't trust the internet. I do have some and enjoy shooting them when I have the opportunity.

Before I get into the meat of my caveman thoughts I want to put out a few things. First off, I am not taking a stance on gun control or whatever your political ideas or agenda is. Although you can probably guess from my career and the fact that I am posting this type of article what my thoughts on this matter are anyway. Second, I don't want to hear about your gun control ideas in the comments. I'm sure you have your own ideas and that's okay, I just don't want to hear about them, even if I might agree with them. For the sake of this article I would simply want ya'll telling me if you agree with what I am proposing.

So to talk of proficiency with a firearm. It comes with practice. I didn't just pick up an M4 Carbine and shoot an expert qualification. I had to practice and shoot several hundred rounds to get there. I had to get comfortable with my weapon and get used to it. In fact I didn't earn the expert medal until the second time I had shot the M4 for qualification (I have to shoot every 6 months to keep my weapons qualifications). I had to practice with a semi automatic rifle outside of duty times to get better and more proficient at it. Same goes for the pistol qualification. I had to practice to get there. In fact, I don't go to the range as much as I would like to, mainly because ammunition can get expensive if you're shooting a lot of it on a pretty regular basis on your own times with your own guns.

To get good at shooting you have to continuously do it. If you don't regularly practice, you can lose skill and not be as good as you were. Guaranteed, some skill will still be there, but you wouldn't have that perfect trigger press or close grouping. Without it you cannot be a regularly good shooter and expect to hit targets when you need to.

So what on earth does this have to do with cars? Well, I think that the same goes for cars. Without regularly and continuously driving cars, we will lose skill that we would have as drivers. So when it comes to autonomous cars or cars like the Tesla X with the autopilot mode, they take away valuable skill from the driver for the sake of comfort and the luxury of not having to be like the plebs who have to press pedals and turn the steering wheel (ugghhhh *shudders*). God forbid that people actually have to do that to drive a car. All sarcasm aside, this stands. People have been in accidents as a result of complacency when it comes to these installed systems. Just look at this article from Business Insider. It probably could've been avoided if the driver didn't have the system in autopilot and just had their feet on the pedals like a normal human being.

The fact is all these autonomous systems will take away from the skill we have as drivers and prevent us from becoming better ones. This is also one of the reasons that I don't like most scopes, the can be horribly inaccurate sometimes. In my personal opinion it makes me a bad shooter. That is why I prefer iron sights for anything under 100 yards. The same goes for cars. Driver aids like automatic braking or the Tesla autopilot makes us bad drivers. They take the skills we have and throw it down the garbage chute and make place for technical things for simple people. We cannot and should not allow ourselves to take advantage of these things at our disposal that seem so enticing but also can be detrimental to driving. With skill fading away like that, it can only be a matter of time before someone has a extremely deadly accident.

Even if we had complete autonomous systems in all cars, if something went wrong in either of them, no one would have the skill to know what to do in said emergency. I highlighted this fact in my previous Guns vs Cars article, but I'll reiterate again. Guns can go wrong which is why pretty much every gun owner abides by pretty much these four safety laws: keep your booger hook of the bang switch until you're ready to shoot, assume every weapon is a loaded weapon (no matter if you just saw someone clear it), know your target and what is beyond it, and don't point a gun at something you're not willing to shoot. Even with these safeties there is just a slight chance a non positive safety could go off or even an actual safety could fail. We as drivers must be prepared for a bad scenario the moment we leave the drive and hit the road.

As drivers we should not trust systems like autopilot, blind spot indicators, automatic braking, and others, because they take away from us what we have practiced years and years doing without them and we got on okay without them. So why should we trust them now that they are brand new and seem so indulging. It makes no sense people. We being taken in like a bunch of STUPID BOYS by them and we should not. So I urge all ya'll to not trust them and to keep away and be a bunch of smart boys and girls.

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  • I can’t believe I’m your first comment.

    Great article and well said. Just about anything we do “all the time” can be lost or lessened when no longer doing it.

    I am afraid that when we see more and more autonomous cars we will largely loose the skill, reaction time, Focus needed when the time comes.

    7 days ago