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Cars, women and old ads

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Times are changing, sang Bob Dylan in 1964 but is it true? Be a woman is still a disvantage in many ambiths and be a woman behind the steer wheel even in the 21th century make you a target of jokes and taunt from men. Women had trouble at parking or are bad drivers, who had never hear that kind of sentence? Or said it at least once if you are a man? Some old habits are hard at die...but in the old days was even worse, like some advertise show to us.

A little note before read:

I thought of do a a serious article at the beginning, talking about how and why some old advertises was so wrong and offensive but more I worked on it and more my blood began to boil in front of those sexist and quite stupid posters, I thought there's really the need to explain why they are offensive? In the end I had a laugh at how much ridicoulos they are today and instead of a boring article burning of feminist rage I come up with this...have a good reading.

In a scale to Volkswagen to Honda....

VW Beetle

"Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things."

"She can jab the hood, graze the door or bump off the bumper"

"It may make you furious, but it won't make you poor"

"You can conveniently replace anything she used to stop the car"

Volkswagen had a very clear point of view in the old days... Women hit things and don't know how to brake properly a car. Obviusly the advert is directed to men, they work and pay the bills and the family car of course...Its a 1964 advertise not one of the fourtyes, while around the world flower power's movement rise and women fought for they rights, VW take a different direction...

It's quite fun...because I know lot of men who always have their car scratched or crashed, my Dad is one of them, I can't remember a single car he own which wasn't dented or smashed, I'm quite sure, one time, he used a railway crossing bar to brake the car...Talking about women and car, my mother in law once smashed her husband car, she worked full time, took care of two children and of the house, she had a little incident in a roundabout and he was quite furious, the day after she goes at a car dealership and buoght a second hand car with her own money.

Be a playboy with a MG Midget

MG Midget

" Lots of girls will be relaxing in our new, thick contoured rake adjusting seats"

MG thought their Midget will help men to hook up girls....because obviously women choose men in base at the car they own...If you have a Ferrari probably you will neither be able to drive for a mile cause of the crowd of beautiful girls who have surround your car...

I share with you a little secret, women look at a beautiful car...the end. At least it's what I do, If a stunning car overtake me or just appear in front of me I look at it not at the owner, like when you walk and see a cute dog and you smile at it, same with cars...

I don't think so Fiat....

Fiat Spider and Fiat 600

"Fiat 600 is everyone ideal car, perfect to necessiting at the supermarket, dropping the kids off at school..."

Fiat marketing it's not better in this case, men with the sporty funny car and women with the little and cheap 600 doing groceries and taking care of children...

Praticality is useful for anyone, men or women and with all the love I have for small hatchbacks in front of this two cars I will pick the Spider without think about it twice, maybe there's not much room in the boot or it's not easy to park...but sure is more stylish...

The man, the car and the woman an eternal triangle

Dodge Charger R/T

"He lets me pick out the stereo tapes, and clean the vinyl buckets"

The scale of what really matter for a men, by Dodge, the car (their car, for be more accurate) and the girlfriend...what a lucky woman who is allowed to clean the beloved Dodge Charger of her man!

My companion's car, I said it because formally it is his car, but is mine as well, cause we are a family and we pay the bills togheter. it's a Hiyunday, big and pratical, I don't drive it often, cause I hate drive through the traffic of the big city where I live, if I sit behind the steering wheel is just for enjoy the pleasure of driving. However I pick out the cd from the stereo, I'm the dj in charge in our journeys and cause the car is mine the front passenger seat is my place, even if we'll have to give a lift at Pope Francis...

Repeat after me Ford...that's not the right way to sell your cars...

Ford Cortina

"...I will spend more time behind the wheel of my sewing machine than the padded wheel of my Cortina..."

When the car became a gift for the wife but only a certain conditions. Of course before hang out with her friends all the houseworks had to be done...

Women have to do houseworks...yes sure, in these days there in a family both have to work, at my home there's one rule, anyone do something to help, I admit it, I'm a mess, I'm lazy and untidy so when I come back home from work I just want relax, surely I never missed a night out to clean or charge the washer machine. We both do our part in the house, when we had time and will to do it.

And then came Honda...

Honda Civic

" Some car manufactures actually belive woman buy cars for different reasons than men do "

"We don't make a woman's car"

After all these dreadful ads, finally Honda give us a little relief, men and women wants the same things from a car, simply as that. We like the same things, we both want a car wich is fun to drive, good to look at, and reliable, all the rest is personal tatse...no matter what you have in your underpants.

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