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    Carver Cargo: A lean(ing) mean cargo carrying machine

    This new small electric cargo carrier, will carve its way into your hart

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    Attention to all rain drenched deliverery drivers! The Dutch company Carver comes with an electric alternative to the delivery scooter, named the Carver Cargo. The company known for the tilting Carver, leans into a rapidly growing market for electric delivery vehicles.

    Big enough for 8 beer crates, or 20 pizza's

    Big enough for 8 beer crates, or 20 pizza's

    Microcar delivery van

    If we should categorise this car, then the Carver Cargo is simply a 45 km/u microcar delivery vehicle. The rear part of the Carver has been replaced to create a load space of 500 liters. That's about 5 times the size of the average delicery scooter, but that's not the only difference! The Carver Cargo can also be equipped with cooling or heating elements. This makes it possible to keep food warm or cold for longer during delivery. During our conversation with Carver at the EV Experience, we were told that there is room for about 20 pizzas or 8 beer crates!

    500 litres of capacity

    500 litres of capacity

    The first Carver Cargo's have been ordered and will be delivered around January 2021. With a starting price of € 9,990 (excl. VAT), the special shooting brake is about the right price. A Renault Twizy, a car the Carver Cargo will compete with, also starts at just under € 10,000. Sushi take-away Doozo Leeuwarden has already placed their first 8 orders and other companies are also starting to show their interest.

    How does it drive?

    At the EV experience we were allowed to take a short test drive with the passenger version of the Carver. This special model is powered by 2 electric motors of 2kW. In combination with a battery pack of 5.4 kWH, it is possible to travel around 100 kilometers with the Cargo. These 100 kilometers are all driven with a very big smile, because the Carver leans in the corners! With a maximum angle of 40 degrees, this gives the car a feeling that you are in an attraction that you are in control over.The 0-45 km / h (top speed) is reached in 8 seconds but feels a lot faster due to the narrow cabin.

    The interior of the Carver

    The interior of the Carver

    Is the Carver Cargo a new Piaggio Ape?

    The Carver Cargo is an attractive offer as a delivery vehicle. The range is roughly the same as the Twizy, but the Cargo stands out more as a mobile billboard. In addition, the available space is larger and the microcar is also easier to use. By using a 230 volt plug that is directly connected to the car, the Carver can be charged just about anywhere. However, this is also the main disadvantage, as charging to 80% takes more than 4 hours and a fast charging cable isn't an option. Time will tell whether the Carver Cargo can become the new Piaggio Ape. It is certainly a special addition to the usual sight in traffic.


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    Comments (6)

    • Interesting one, theoretically only leans when turning so the centrifugal force should keep stuff in place. I do remember that you could lean it when stationary in which case don’t carry anything liquid or fragile!

        1 month ago
      • That's exactly what the people at Carver had told me. For pizza's and Sushi it wasn't a problem because of the centrifugal force. But some ancient vases might be more difficult.

          1 month ago
      • Kind of expensive way to deliver pizzas and sushi. I’d rather have a moped deliver it and the takeaways charge me less for the takeaway.

        Nice to know I remember all the terminology for reading it a long time ago.

          1 month ago
    • Good fortune to Carver... far more realistic that the early BMW bike engined versions of yesteryear!

        1 month ago
    • Oh i remember the OG carver on top gear, what have they been doing for 15 years?

        1 month ago


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