Casey Overton's 1979 LSX Malibu Hauls the mail

2y ago


Casey preparing for a race at No Prep Armageddon: Thunder Valley OKC.

Casey Overton is becoming a household name in the Texas No-Prep racing scene. His car, a 1979 F1 Procharged 408CI LSX Malibu seems to possess the correct combination to get the job done too. The car is a street driven track tearing beast that managed to step foot into the semi finals at No Prep Armageddon in OKC earlier this year.

In the world of racing, Casey keeps the Malibu rather modest looking.

The combination itself, is boasting some rather impressive numbers. North of 1000RWHP, the procharged 408CI LSX motor has ran mid 5's in the 1/8th and trapped 125+MPH. The red coupe really does haul the mail.

The long block prep'd for installation.

Casey is quick to offer his thanks to his father John Overton who oversee's the vehicle's computer tuning. Amazingly enough the car is still managed by a stock PCM manipulated by HP Tuner's software. As John continues to learn the program the car has only become faster with each pass.

Ready to roll. This car can often been seen at local tracks such as Penwell raceway in Odessa, or Big Country Raceway in Abilene, TX and every street in between.

For next season Casey is going to be focusing on tuning the suspension in an effort to keep the front wheels on the ground. The car is truly one of a kind. It isn't even dressed in a Chevrolet color. The paint is a Ford color, but Casey, along with everyone else in the racing world, will agree there's money to be spent elsewhere.

Going fast and being comfortable are a rare agreement. However I would say that Casey has found quite the compromise between the two.

Thanks so much for allowing Boosted LSX_ the opportunity to feature the car this week! Keep up the hard work and continue to be safe brother! Stay tuned weekly for a new local car being featured here at Boosted LSX_.