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Cash-in-transit driver escapes a violent armed robbery

The situation is under control

5w ago

As a cash-in-transit driver, you always have a predefined and constantly changing route map to transfer large sums of money safely. The people who drive these vehicles also undergo specific training to avoid the worst.

On 22 April, a driver and his police colleague had to put everything they had learned into practice. While driving on the N4 near Pretoria in South Africa, the duo was the victim of a violent gun attack. The first bullets hit the right side of the vehicle and the chase began immediately.

One bullet even hit the driver's window but fortunately did not enter the passenger compartment. The driver keeps his cool and starts to accelerate and zigzag while asking his colleague to call for help. In the next moment, the vehicle collides with a white pickup truck and seems to avoid a roadblock.

It should also be noted that the driver decides to do several U-turns, reversing and even off-roading, manoeuvres that are particularly dangerous in such a situation. After two minutes of intense pursuit, the bandits seem to have given up.

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Comments (7)

  • Just Google "Leo Prinsloo" he's the driver and used to be a special forces sniper with the Police

      1 month ago
  • Another comment responding to the author. The vehicle is an armored Land Cruiser 78. It would be a great idea to go off road.

    As for U turn on a freeway. You can not really try and get away by driving in the same direction as the assailants. The closest cops may be 40km away. No other evasive option was available except a U turn. That and reaching for his gun, which is what he did in the end.

      1 month ago
  • The driver has been getting death threats after all the publicity the video has got

      1 month ago
  • Ozzy man did an amazing review of it😂

      1 month ago
  • I'm from S.A. Cash in transit heists are a daily occurrence there. That would explain why it never even made news, or how it might be an old video. Sad but true.

      1 month ago