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Casual Review of the 2018 Subaru WRX, but not the STi

Wes Dodd posted in Subaru

4w ago


Welcome to casual car reviews. This is something new that I want to try because I am tired of car reviews taking themselves too seriously. I want to take cars, literally any cars I can get my hands on, and review them. Take off the business casual and put on the sweatpants, because the first review is about my personal car.

I am going to be as unbiased as possible, but I can't hide the fact that I absolutely love this car. There's nothing really out there that's a direct competitor at the moment and that makes driving this car so rewarding. But there is one thing that I want to address first... the stigma.

There is no hiding the fact that the "stereotype WRX owners" are out there. It is actually a requirement after buying this car that you enroll in #vapenation, earn a Monster Energy drink sponsorship, and punch holes in your drywall after legally changing your name to Kyle. Unfortunately I missed that memo.

With the stigma aside, and intentionally ignored, this is a very good overall car for any enthusiast who needs a fun daily. I've been driving this car for almost two years and have almost no complaints.

This is a completely different body of water, I promise!

First, the positive. This has to be the best handling car for the money. The WRX handles on and off highway ramps with ease and pushing the car to the handing limits never gets old. The standard Dunlap Sport Maxx GT's glue the car to the road and never let go. The chassis work with the AWD system to keep the car flat and solid so the driver never looses confidence behind the wheel.

Where this car shines the most is when the white stuff falls from the sky. With a set of proper snow tires this car feels unstoppable. Wanna drive home safely with the traction control on and not break a sweat? This car can do that. Wanna turn off the traction control and rip up an empty parking lot and come the closest you ever been spiritually to David Higgins? Um... I can't answer that question because I always obey the law. But if I had to bet that its a good time.

So how's the rest of the car? Its good, for the most part. Starting in 2015 the WRX started using the FA series motor and kept the EJ series in the STi models. The boost comes on very early in the rev range which makes this car quick to get on the power and there is virtually no lag. This can be very fun, and it is, but it comes at a price.

Every time you start off in first gear the car likes to start off like its starting a 100m dash. This is fun when you're on an empty street, but it can get a bit annoying while trying to stay with the flow of stop and go traffic. Having all of the power on the bottom end means that the engine falls flat on its face higher in the rev range which means that you have to shift more often to keep the car in the power band.

Photo credit to the Subaru guru himself. Joe Spitz at cars101.com

One feature that made its return this year was anchoring points so that owners can now safely mount stuff to their roof. I am still finding an excuse to use this feature. With the rear seats folded down there is a lot of interesting things that you can fit behind you and the trunk itself is pretty generous. The seats themselves are OK at best, but I wish that the seat bottoms were a little longer to accommodate my obnoxiously long legs. But for a tall guy I do have a lot of headroom.

The interior's fit and finish is nice but does not compare currently to Subaru's other offerings. The redesigns on the Impreza and Crosstek offer much nicer and more refined interiors at a cheaper cost. But lets be honest, you don't want to buy a WRX for it's comfort, you buy it because you are a grown up child that likes to go fast. There's nothing wrong with that.

Is this a perfect car? No. Is it the best car you can get for this price point that will never stop entertaining you and makes you realize you can have a fun, reasonably priced daily that is also practical? Yes.

So this is the point where car reviews where cars usually get a rating. I have a complex algorithm that I going to start using so please follow along:

Would I recommend this car? Yes.

Thank you for reading my review.