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A Tribe for those who arent quite professional, or for shoots that are just casual and fOr fun rather than for commercial use.

3y ago


A few years ago, I believe the idea spawned over a game of pool at a local pool hall. A few friends just having a laugh, started talking about getting together for a relaxed and casual photo shoot once or twice a month. We kind of took it in turns sourcing cars and locations. But we tried to do it together as a group. Even settling on a name for the resulting Facebook page and magazine feature that came of it. The Sunday Sessions.

As somebody like myself, who doesn't consider my work to be "professional", especially when I shoot for fun more often than not, making what I do more a hobby, I felt there needed to be somewhere for the more casual shoots to be posted. For those still learning, or doing it just for fun. Regardless, we formed The Sunday Sessions.

We kept ourselves pretty flexible with what we shot, the hardest part was finding a Sunday when we all had time, when we were all available. But for a time, we just made it happen.

One of our Sunday Sessions resulted in a few of us getting together with a bunch of guys with Subarus at what appeared to be a storage and processing yard for rubble not too far from Brisbane City.

While we had the Subarus to play with, we also snuck in the Z belonging to one of our own guys for a quick play.

This is just one of the shoots we had, over time, I'll post photos from more. I hope that other members will also do the same.

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