Catalogue De Luferon Is Out!

Basically an overview of all the models.

6w ago

Since, Luferon is, quite frankly, the best company out there on DT, I thought why not provide our own catalogue. And without further ado, here it is!

Roadsters: Luferon Athena.

A W12 powered hybrid inspired from the 40s. What's not to like? Okay, maybe the seating. On the brightside, though, there's a jet styled button that unlocks it's true 800hp. Otherwise, it's limited to 500 on roads.

Trucks: Luferon Prydatyr, Talos and Atalante GTU.

You know, just another race-ready pickup that makes 600 horses and a dually that can tow 13,000 pounds- the Prydatyr and Talos are ready to do whatever need be. And so can the Atalante GTU. it's a track truck/ute.

Supercars: Luferon Batalyka and Breserka.

The flagships of our brand- The Batalyka, Breserka and their Hellreaper models respectively with each of them able to obliterate Spirites and Rapidos at a moment's notice using their tremendous amounts of power i.e 600hp stock and 655 & 700 for Hellreapers.

Hypercars: Luferon Hemera and Herala.

The Hemera and Herala. Both making 2100hp with the help of some electric sorcery while also retaining that ICE magic. Oh, and these are not even the Hellreaper models.

Sports Cars: Luferon Kraken.

The Luferon Kraken was a sort of a modern take on the Amphicar. This one, in theory, should be able to float. IDK. We haven't tried it. But it sure makes for some wonderful eye and ear candy.

Saloons/Wagons: Luferon Circe, Circe Estate and Atalante GTS.

The Luferon Circe and Circe Estate, respectively, are the rivals against the Vipemobile Florida, Jonathan Akula and Trekk Dynasty. Oh, and on a side note- these completely defeat them. Whether it be looks or power, Circe is the way to go! The 'standard' models come with a LS motor that pushes 400hp whereas the Hellreapers make 680hp with the help of a TTW12. The Atalante GTS is equipped with the same powertrain except it's more fun and lightweight while also being super practical.

Muscle cars: Luferon Sylla, Kheos and Poleaxe.

These sick looking muscle cars produce some sick looking numbers. Yeah, that's right- 475hp on tap. Then there's the Hellreaper models. And if THAT isn't enough for you, well, just go to David Olsen-Fabian, he'll give you a 1500 hp one.

The Maze Runner: Luferon Blase.

I can't really classify the Blase in a category. It's sorta like the Miata of Luferon. It's cool and fun and that's what a car is all about.

So, that's all of Luferon for ya! Which one's your favourite?

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