- 2017 Ford Fiesta ST. Photo kindly provided by Ford.

Catalonia, Spain - Europe's Greatest Driving Roads: Ford Fiesta ST

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Checkout 'Ford Fiesta ST Drives on the Stunning C462 through Catalonia' kindly provided to MotorMartin by Ford Europe from their excellent YouTube Channel m.youtube.com/user/fordofeurope. It's well worth subscribing.

Ford Europe have shared with MotorMartin that: What an unbelievable driving road the C462 is, especially behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta ST.

Just over 100km long, it winds its way north through Catalonia and ending over 100km later at La Seu D’Urgell, just south of Andorra. At the very top of the C462, at over 2000m, you’re also rewarded by the most amazing view of the Pyrenees, which seem to be visible in their entirety. But the best part? For most of the time, it’s pretty much deserted which means that for us driving enthusiasts, it’s almost your own private playground.

And they’re not wrong. Settle down and take in the unique experience of watching the Ford Fiesta ST being driven how it should be on some of the best roads that Spain can offer.


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