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Catch some Zs. Do you take the Camaro IROC-Z or Dodge Daytona Turbo Z?

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  • To be clear, you're referring to the angular 3rd Gen Camaro. The IROC-Z Camaro was physically bigger and heavier than the Daytona and came with a V8. Other than that it was pretty much "old school" Camaro. More American hotrod than sports car.

    The Daytona was interesting. It was smaller, lighter, front wheel drive, more sports car, than hot rod. (I'm avoiding "pony car".) It was an American interpretation of the Nissan 300Z car, maybe a Mitsubishi Starion. That's not entirely a bad thing. I'm setting aside the avoidable and pointless FWD versus RWD debate.

    Like the Camaro, the Daytona could be had in versions from "mild to wild". Considering the era, neither car was "brilliant" or exceptional. Both were still getting a handle on all the new safety and emissions regulations. They were "halo cars".

    The Daytona is rare because, well, it's a Chrysler product. The electronics have the lifespan of a fruitfly. Once they start to go, they're gone. I like old Chryslers, but not the electronics.

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