- My beloved 2012 Land Rover Defender 90 on a foggy morning in Kalpowar State Forest, QLD Australia

Catching the Land Rover bug

There is something in the build of Land Rovers that turn them from a car to a character - and once you've been drawn in, it becomes a compulsion.

40w ago

There's an unspoken understanding between Landy owners in Australia, just one example being the enthusiastic wave shared between Defender drivers as a nod of mutual respect.

Being mid-twenties I don't have the personal history of Land Rovers that is engrained in many from years prior, but in only a year I was quickly drawn into the cult following of this iconic car.

They can be noisy, rough and have plenty of mechanical quirks - but every time I get in one I'm grinning from ear to ear.

The charisma exuded by these vehicles is something that needs to be felt to be truly understood - and once you've been bitten by that bug, there's no going back.

The rattles, the reliability and the rugged appearance gives personality to a vehicle that might be more comfortable, but most certainly wouldn't be as fun, without these characteristics.

In addition, very few cars possess the handcrafted touches that I am still uncovering on my 2012 make Defender 90 to this day.

The staples in the centre console and the smiley face drawn alongside an employee number on my back interior door panel, for example, add a human touch that most modern vehicles are inherently lacking.

However, by far the biggest drawcard of the Land Rover is the offroad ability and the resultant rough-and-ready adventure lifestyle they encourage.

No road feels too long or perilous from behind the wheel of a Landy, and indeed they can be credited with opening countless avenues of exploration across the world for almost seven decades.

From the Series I, II and III to the later Defenders, this outline has become a universally recognisable symbol of freedom - so it's no wonder they are considered off-roading royalty.

If you're thinking of joining us you'll just need a sense of adventure, a willingness to wave to fellow Land Rovers and a simple promise that you'll never refer to your car as a Jeep.

I'm not even sure I can be considered a real Defender owner when mine doesn't leave an oil puddle in the garage, but I love them dearly nonetheless.

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Comments (10)

  • Stunning car

      9 months ago
  • "mine doesn't leave an oil puddle in the garage"

    Be careful what you wish for...

      9 months ago
  • .........sorry.......I mean sister...

      9 months ago
  • "doesn't leave an oil puddle in the garage"; Is your oil gauge broken? You're probably asking for some serious engine damage if you're running it when it's that low on oil...

      9 months ago
  • It's hard to write something new about Land Rover as so many have pooped before and now prices are Tesla territory so freedom for knobs.

    My '58 doesn't have a piddle in the garage either. When I looked first time in twenty years, there was no oil in either main gearbox or transfer but ran fine with only a hint of wrist snapping every double de-clutch..

    Maybe you should check your oil levels dear.

    Don't want to sound too stinky, great photos but smear some mud all over you and Landy as looks anemic..

      9 months ago