- This is as far as I've been up til now...

Catching Up...

Time to take the plunge into DriveTribe...

I'm obviously not doing something right

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  • so...something actually did work.

    I'll learn from this and move on.

    The profile pic was taken the day I re-insulated my entire attic with 9" fiberglass batts. Should have taken it with the respirator still on, ha,


      1 year ago
  • Is that Safari? Try Chrome instead

      1 year ago
    • Thanks, but it was chrome, on an acer chromebook. Gotta get my laptop fixed.

        1 year ago
  • Lol

      1 year ago
  • Yeah the prof picture looks... umm...

      1 year ago
  • Glad to see you here bro. That profile pic looks super sketchy though lol

      1 year ago