Caterham is now officially a Japanese car manufacturer

But don't worry, it's still British at heart.

23w ago

One of the most quintessentially British car makers, Caterham has just been bought by a Japanese company, essentially making it Japanese, but don't worry as this is a good thing for the company.

The company which has just acquired Caterham is called VT Holdings, who have been importing these sports cars to Japan since 2009.

They also import Lotuses and Royal Enfields and are also based in the UK, South Africa, Thailand, and Spain. Surely this can only be a good thing for a small British company like Caterham as it should hopefully keep them alive for many years to come.

The only potential downside to this deal is that a large firm like VT Holdings may not understand the intricate details which go into building enthusiasts' sports cars like the Seven, but VT Holdings has Kazuho Takahashi as its CEO, a man who's raced in the Japanese Super GT, JGTC, and Super Taikyu series for the past two decades, meaning we should be all good.

With that in mind, this can surey only be a good thing for such a small yet significant company like Caterham. With the whole market moving towards electric, it will hopefully keep these fun little sports cars around for much longer.

Do you think this was the right move?

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Comments (28)

  • As long as it is not ELECTRIC!

      5 months ago
    • I reckon an electric Caterham would be pretty rapid - but would prefer a Civic Type R option!

        5 months ago
    • Yes, it would be, but it wouldn't have soul. One wouldn't be able to go around tight uphill or downhill corner in 3rd or 4th gear, doing 70k/h.

        5 months ago
  • Better the Japanese than their commie neighbours who have already bought up much of the world.

      5 months ago
  • I remember my favourite Caterham moment was being passed by two young guys in Caterhams in the Kyoto hills. They were both dressed like Zero pilots with leather helmets, goggles and flowing white silk scarves. I caught up with them later and four other Caterhams at a cafe. Real enthusiasts!

      5 months ago
  • Good news! The Japanese definitely know their sports cars.

      5 months ago
  • Could be much worse...could have been Chinese.

      5 months ago