Caterham will launch an EV in 2023 according to their CEO

Doesn't sound like much of a Caterham to me

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Caterham have sold the same car for a very long time. Since 1974 only very incremental differences have been made to the product with new engines and little else. The next new 'engine' is a little different.

Recently VT Holdings bought Caterham who have the money to invest into making a Caterham EV. It is said to be scheduled for 2023 to celebrate 50 years of Caterham and could be called 'EV Seven'. I know, they really put a lot of thought into that decision. The strategy is apparently to keep weight down as much as possible to make it fun to drive.

The CEO of Caterham Graham Macdonald described the driving experience of a prototype EV to be like a 'go-kart'.

Technical numbers are not currently known but it is expected to take less than 3 seconds to 60mph. The engineers are not going to put EV-centric products like regenerative braking or app connectivity because that adds weight. they are also said to be making a track-only version with swappable batteries like in NIOs.

The body and dimensions should be similar to the current model.

Just one issue-what is the market for this?

The whole point of a Caterham is fun and a light chassis that can be thrown around with a massive smile over the driver's face. Where is that in an EV? The ICE car will be cheaper, lighter and faster as a result. Nobody who buys them are particularly climate-conscious(besides EVs aren't good for the environment anyway) and the 620R model has already made a Caterham go to 60mph in less than 3 seconds so it isn't much of a technical achievement there either.

Realistically there is no person interested in Caterham's and EVs so why make a combination of these oxymoron concepts?

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  • Simplify and add lightness, is an electric engine not simpler than a gasoline one? Could it, in the future, lighter? The answer to both of these is yes, so I see no reason to bash it, especially when it hasn't even come out yet. God, people on this website have no open minds

      1 month ago
    • 1 month ago
  • I know everyone is all upset and up in arms about this but I love Caterham I think this is excellent. They don't have a choice and it will be interesting to see how they do it and I think it will be much better than everyone thinks.

      1 month ago
  • I have a Scalextric Caterham it just isn't the same as a real one. I know its a toy but if you have one it will probably give you a idea on its sound.

      1 month ago
  • Unfortunately it's not just a rumour. In an interview with Autocar last week, Caterham's CEO stated explicitly that Caterham would have an EV by 2023. Makes no sense to me considering that these are cars entirely focussed on being analogue, engaging and soulful. However they will be retaining ICE as long as it is possible and legal to do so.

      1 month ago