Caterham’s Configurator Is Live And You Can Go Absolutely Wild

Go on, make it as nasty as possible...

2y ago

Caterham has launched a new online configurator, so you no longer have to point to coloured bits of paper if you want to choose the colour of your Seven. It’s kind of weird that Caterham has embraced the internet, seeing as their motto is along the lines of ‘we don’t do technology’.

But for a brand that is as technophobic as my dad, the configurator seems to be very well built. Sure, it did freeze a couple of times, but the images are super hi-res and actually change to reflect what you’ve chosen.

Starting off with what model you’d like (did you know there were five to choose from?), this one’s the mid-range Seven 360. Because it’s the number of degrees you’ll be spinning if you get it wrong. If you’ve taken your brave pills, you can choose the 310bhp Seven 620 for nearly £49,000 before options – that’s almost £19,000 more than this 360.

Then, you’ve got a choice of the S-Pack – designed for the road – or the R Pack, which is £1,000 extra and includes larger alloy wheels, sports suspension, four-point race harnesses, composite race seats and much more besides. Good value for that amount of money, I’d say.

The best thing about the Caterham configurator is that there’s nothing to stop you choosing ridiculously lurid paint schemes. As an example, this is Acid Green with a Riviera Blue painted 7 badge, a noseband and stripe in Competition Red and a Peppermint Green roll cage.

Unlike most other configurators, you can’t choose adaptive cruise control or bespoke leather luggage sets. You wouldn’t have anywhere to put them. Caterham’s options are mostly based on how it drives, so you can choose from a lightweight flywheel and stuff like that. Oh, and a heater! Have you ever seen a configurator where a heater is extra?

Of course, Caterham will also ask whether you’d like to build it yourself, or whether you’d like the luxury of Caterham doing the spannering for you.

Here’s the configurator – show me what you’d have in the comments.

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