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Cats matter, a new legislation could affect drivers for their sake...

6d ago


It's no secret that cats rule the internet and the heart of many people. In the United Kingdom, a new law has been proposed on behalf of our elegant yet adorable balls of fur.

The new law would entail the obligation to contact the police when a cat is killed or hit by a car, as it already happens in the case of dogs and other animal species such as pigs, goats, donkeys, and horses.

This new legislation would prevent the injured pets are left to die or be put down because of the impossibility to contact the owner.

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Along with this new rule for drivers, cat owners would have to microchip their pets.

Thanks to these new safety rules, cat owners would know what happened to their beloved kittens, which, if allowed to wander outside the household, could suddenly disappear.

This legislation will be debated in the Commons this week. It was proposed by MP Rehman Chishti, out of the Tory party, with the support of the association "Cat Matters".

Cats are, along with dogs, the most beloved pets and bring joy and health benefits to their owner.

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