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Caura app aims to save motorists Time,Money.......

.......and Fines as well!

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Caura is an FCA-authorised smartphone app that aggregates multiple motoring bills into one platform using a single registration number. Described as an industry first,the free app manages Car parking fares,Tolls,MOT,Road tax,Car insurance and Congestion charges.

It integrates with Apple Pay and also stores payment details to be used in two clicks. An Android Auto launch is planned for later in 2020.

An illustration

An illustration

Usefully,Caura has in-app notification functionality to remind motorists about upcoming bills or charges. Such ‘push notifications’ could help tackle 1 in 4 MOTs that are conducted late,say the developers.Caura can even manage multiple registered vehicles,useful for private motorists with several cars,as well as company car fleet managers.

Investor Rob Wilmot said the app’s digital infrastructure was “desperately needed in today’s fractured and outdated ecosystem.

“The team has done a remarkable job bringing together an entire industry,integrating private and public companies and government bodies,with proprietary technology into a beautiful and simple-to-use app.”


Once installed and set up,motorists simply enter their car’s registration number. This then automatically displays the vehicle’s current VED Road tax,MOT and Car insurance renewal dates.

Owners can also,from the app’s home screen,directly pay for Parking,Congestion charges and Toll roads for their vehicle. This “minimises admin and mitigates penalty fines”.

Caura estimates that penalties associated with late or incorrect motoring expenses cost car owners £2bn a year.

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