#CelebrateBangleDay: did you know Chris Bangle designs large benches?

He claims it's his greatest achievement!

34w ago

If someone said the name Chris Bangle to you, then it's likely you will be thinking of the work he did for BMW, but this isn't all he did. In fact, when he left BMW he started designing large benches and he loved it.

According to Bangle himself, his biggest achievement is his Big Benches project. “You may know me as a car designer but, where I live, I’m the bench guy,” he says. And these really are big benches as they are a whopping 2.5m by 3m in size.

The Big Bench Community Project is a non-profit organisation and the idea is tha Bangle gives these designs away for others to build. And the only condition given by Chris is that it has to be set up where it won’t upset anyone and in a place where people want to go.

It's clearly worked as there are now 44 Big Benches in Italy and New Zealand and there have also been enquiries from the UK, Germany and the US.

Bangle said: “In front of our house on a good weekend I’ll have 200 cars parked for people to sit on a bench. I’m so proud of it. The key rule is no public money, only private donations or volunteers. That’s not typical in Italy. This is a private-funded concept for the public. This is wonderfully effective.”

This is just another post to show some love for #celebrateBangleday here on DriveTribe.

Have you ever seen one of these large benches?

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Comments (18)

  • Imagine how small Hammond looks when sitting on those...

      7 months ago
  • He should have kept making those benches instead of designing ugly BMWs. The world would be a better place that way 😊

      7 months ago
    • Especially considering the fact he made the 7 Series look like a whale.

        7 months ago
    • *The most recent 7 Series (not designed by Bangle) has entered the chat*

        7 months ago
  • O...kay

      7 months ago
  • Are you sure they're not just tiny people?

      7 months ago
  • I agree, those are his greatest achievements but they look like most every bench I've ever seen, but bigger sooooo, what did he design again?

      7 months ago