Celebrating El Día de Los Muertos with the Calavera Neón

The weirdest and most fascinating celebration in the world gets its own watch

The great thing (or bad thing, depending who you ask) about this watch is there's not a lot you can say about it from a technical standpoint. It's not a particularly complicated watch, the movement isn't a spectacular 7000-hour power reserve automatic with a thousand jewels and it's not made from gold-plated diamonds carved from the surface of Mars. Nope. This watch was specifically designed to celebrate Los Días de Los Muertos, the Day(s) of the Dead (November 1-2).

This world famous multi-day holiday originated in Mexico but quickly gained popularity throughout the world. It consists of prayers, dances, feasts and allegorical depictions of, well, death. This particular timepiece, the Calavera Neón (also called Sugar Skulls) is designed to embody the spirit of the celebration with neon-coloured Mexican skulls and flowers.

The dial is painted with special colours designed to come alive under UV light and the caseback is engraved with a guitar -strumming skeleton coupled with Posada’s famous quote, “Todos Somos Calaveras.”

The PVD-coated stainless steel case in satin black measures 40 mm in diameter and 47.6 mm lug-to-lug with domed K1 crystal.

The movement is a Japanese meca-quartz flyback chronograph, basically a hybrid, because the timekeeping functions are controlled by a quartz movement, whereas the stopwatch is powered by a mechanical module. Both functions are powered by a battery but the watch vibrates at a higher frequency. RRP is $365.

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Comments (7)

  • would you wear this on The Day of the Dead? 💀 @tribe

      2 months ago
  • While it certainly is colorful and remarkable, I'd be hard pressed to see a reason to wear it. Maybe because the Day if the Dead isn't celebrated here... Then again, spending 300+ on a watch you wear one day a year seems a little ambitious.

      2 months ago
    • Mexican skulls have become a common theme. Some like it, some don't, but unlike the Jack-o-Latern image, which looks timely one day of the year, Mexican skulls are just another iconic figure. Same as roses or tribals or what-have-you

        2 months ago
  • #watches

      2 months ago
  • I like it! Expensive for me but it's nice nonetheless.

      2 months ago
  • Another Undone watch?

      2 months ago