Center-Opening Doors Are Back - Starting With This Lincoln Continental

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After plenty of teasers, Lincoln has finally pulled the wraps off this beauty. The Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition is one hell of a mouthful, but that’s not exactly why you’re reading about it. The center-opening doors are said to pay homage to the style of the 1960s, when America was filled with proper land yachts with sixteen foot-long hoods and fins pointier than some knives.

When Lincoln unveiled the Continental, the suicide doors grabbed the attention. “Notice the doors,” said the advertisement. “And notice how they open. From the center, to make everyone’s entrances graceful.”

Nowadays, luxury goes further than some doors that open backwards. This limited-edition Continental not only features Lincoln’s Black Label interior, but “uniquely tailored rear-seat amenities” too. Tell me what that means in English, you say. You’ll get a pass-through console, a tablet holder and a wireless charging pad, in addition to the Active Noise Control, head-up display and Revel Ultima Audio package.

The Black Label, er, label gets you a load of membership privileges on top, including yearly detailing visits, car washes any time you damn well like and even access to high-end restaurants with chefs who’ll cater to your specific requests.

To celebrate the Continental’s 80th anniversary, just 80 of these special edition cars will be produced in the 2019 model year. If you miss out on those, Lincoln won’t need much arm-twisting to produce a few more for 2020.

“The center-opening doors became synonymous with the Lincoln Continental, even though they were only featured primarily in the ‘60s,” says David Woodhouse, Lincoln’s head designer. “But they struck such a chord that they’re still remembered so fondly today.

“It was truly a watershed moment for us in terms of iconic design,” he adds.

Want to arrive everywhere in style? Head to a Lincoln Black Label dealer to order the Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition, and it’s set to arrive next summer.

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